Stamps look unbeatable

I don't think anyone can stop them. They have the league's MOP at QB. An impressive set of receivers. A physically dominant running back. Their defense is one of the best, if not the best, in the league. Special teams are very good both in the kicking return/punt return department and the kicking.

At this point, the Stamps can only beat themselves. They are the class of the league.

The Last Word

The Lions beat them and in their second game had a 14-point lead with 3 minutes left, so the Stamps are beatable. I liked Bo Levi better when he was humble, I can see him being knocked down a peg before season's end...

...this too shall pass, all teams are beatable...

They were beatable the first game of the season only because they had Raines beat them for a touch down after that it has been easy points every week. May I add you they won the season series with the Lions! I am more afraid of Edmonton when they are clicking in gear.

Bo Levi has suddenly emerged as the league's #1 villain> it took some work but he's done it!

Used to be Jon Cornish then that loudmouth linebacker from Hamilton - most recently Austin himself!

btw - Orridge & Brother Jake always named in these polls, lol

You're thinking clearly. Reilly is the only CFL QB who can stand up to Bronko Bo.....

Only trouble is Edmonton inferior in almost all other categories!

Correct. Just as the 2007 BC Lions - - easily the most dominant team in the league and completely loaded with talent.

But still found a way to choke at home in the playoffs.

Mitchell is not a big game QB - - look at how feeble he was in 2014 Grey Cup - - and he's got nowhere near the toughness of Reilly or Durant.

Calgary will be best once Mitchell gets punched in the mouth a few times.

Best team I've seen in a long, long time. Makes you really appreciate continuity in an organization. Seems like they are able to pull a receiver off their practice roster who excels immediately. Great Canadian talent. Overriding arrogance is their enemy imo.

It's nice to hear a fan use the word 'class' when referring to the Stamps (yes I am a Stamps fan), especially after Coach Jones in Regina came up to Coach Dickenson after the Riders loss to the Stamps and told him to 'play with some class'. This after the Riders were fined numerous times for rule violations.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: Imagine that. A thread that should have nothing to do with the last place team in the league, and yet here we are, bringing them into it again. Can anyone on here talk CFL without referencing Sask. It's getting a little bizzare and creepy where every topic ends up about Sask. or it's fans.

Stamps are the most dominant team I have seen since the 1989 Eskimos.

Oh but wait..........remember ?

By who?

Montreal? Toronto? Hahahaa

They're going 16-1-1

Best record? They have five games left, and all it'll take to crush the dream is one loss.

MOP? Call me a homer, but I think Edmonton has the top three candidates in Reilly, Bowman, and Walker. What those three are doing is insane. And remember, it's MOP, not MVP.

I do not care about 16-1-1 and beating the 16 - 2 Esks.

There is no trophy for that.

There is only 1 thing that matters. Who lifts the mug at the end.

The 89 Riders are engraved, not the 89 Esks.

Right now, things are good, To good, so it will not hurt the Stamps to have a loss.

They have first place regardless.

Easily the best trio of QB and WRs in the league. Factor in the run game of White and Bell and this is a very dangerous offence.

[i]They are more like the best team in a season of weak teams. Compared to the best teams of the last 10 years, they are pretty average.

They might finish the regular season with 15 or 16 wins, but they are not in the same league as the Alouettes' team of 2009 (15-3). Not even close. :cowboy: [/i]

The 2009 Alouettes?

You mean the team that needed a miracle comeback and a penalty aided second chance FG on the last play of the game to pull out a ONE (1) point win over a team that was 10-7-1 with a first year starter at QB?

Yeah, what a “powerhouse” John.

Hahaha ya sure.

One mental mistake away from being upset. Should never have won that game.

They were pretty lucky winning that OT game against BC off of a BC mistake and then of course the Lions handing them their only loss.

[i]Nitpicking over 1 game is weak. The Als played their worst football of the season in the first half of that GC. The only bad half of football they played that season!

They dominated the Riders 25-10 in the second half of that game and deserved to win.

17-3 record, 600 PF, 324 PA.


Ask your brother Ricky what he thinks of that team, when his Lions were spanked 56-18 in the 2009 East final... [/i]