Stamps list Jake Maier as starting QB

CALGARY — In their first game without the services of Bo Levi Mitchell, the Calgary Stampeders will turn to Jake Maier as their starting quarterback on Friday night.

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Why is O'Connor on the active roster at all if a practice roster QB gets the start ahead of him?


I wonder the same thing but probably to count for the ratio.

wow this league REALLY doesn’t want a Canadian starting QB


Unless something has changed in the Ratio rules QB nationality doesn’t count in the Ratio. My understanding is the Team can only dress 2 QBs. They can dress 3 if one takes the position of another player (ie receiver). In that case the Canadian QB could take the place of a hurt Canadian receiver.
I suspect Maier is listed as the starter maybe because he hasn’t had any experience under pressure and Dickenson wants to give him a look. Or perhaps because the Stamps figure Maier’s skills (slightly different than O’Connor) fit better in how the game is planned. The truth is does it matter who starts, neither have that much experience?

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You are correct… has no bearing on the ratio.

My guess is Jake Maier is starting because teams have 0 film of him playing in Canada. Maier will almost certainly be evaluated after each series and if becomes evident that the offense cannot move the ball, he will be replaced by Michael O'Connor.

I’m sure that I heard somewhere that they’d lifted that barrier to Canadian QBs but allowing them to count as Canadians towards the ratio. The rules change so much and are far more complicated than they need to be.

The rule states that you need 7 Canadian starters yet the Lions depth chart shows only 6 for tonite unless you count David Mackie at FB and we all know that nobody uses a FB for more than 20-30% of their snaps these days. The league never defines just what a starter is.

Someone needs to call Nathan Rourke and tell him to start planning for life after football due to his impending shunting out of the league.

Seriously though, where some posters see a “Canadian QB conspiracy”, I just see it as some fans not being able to swallow their pride in accepting that, just maybe, the FCS offer a higher level of competition than USports and that, just maybe, the coaching staff need to win NOW and Maier gives the best shot right now.

If Maier screws up, O’Connor will get his chance. If he then blows it a la Brandon Bridge, that’s on him.

… and yet the link I provided which is directly from does not state that…

  1. Hunter Steward - LG
  2. Peter Godber - C
  3. Sukh Chungh - RG
  4. Lemar Durant - SB
  5. Either David Mackie - FB or Shaq Johnson - WR
  6. Bo Lokombo - WLB
  7. Jordan Williams - MLB

My bad. I was looking at the players with no stars next to them and Williams has stars because he’s a draft pick.

Perhaps coach Dave was wrong in stating Michael O'Connor as the Stamps quarterback just yesterday. Regardless I am very confident the Stamps will rise to the occasion at McMahon stadium. However do not be surprised if starter Jake Maier is replaced by Michael O'Connor should the need arise !

P.S. To quote Dave yesterday-You can't win in the CFL with a quarterback playing "scared" I hope Michael O'Connor accepts this minor setback without any hard feelings. :upside_down_face: :thinking:

I totally agree especially after the stamps were bragging that O’Connor had won the back up job trying to make themselves look good ,than Bo goes down and it’s a different storey ,if O’Connor wasn’t Canadian I’m wondering if he would get the start