Stamps @ Lions

Stamps start with a TD. Hope the Lions can answer.

Also, how are the Stamps and Lions meeting for the third time in eight weeks? Man, they really butchered the schedule this season.

Good ol' Bakari with the score and his typical TD "celebration. Burnham just had a HUGE gain - think he's on my fantasy team this week. :slight_smile:

Jennings is good but Bo has the experience so it might just give the horses the edge here. Leos answer with the FG

A little like Hamilton and Ottawa NOT meeting until back-to-back games late in the season. They did the same thing last year. Hamilton and Ottawa should actually be playing each other 3 times this season according to the way the match ups usually line up in the east.

Am i the only one not impressed by QB numbers this season? It seems like teams have abandoned the run for the pass, and with new rules and challenges, etc., QBs are just putting up insane numbers.

Either BC is blind or Messam is wearing a cloaking device.

Cal FG. 11-3

BC FG. 11-6

I think this might be a back and forth affair - Jennings is threatening the end zone again - but was almost picked off

Or maybe not - Calgary with another TD after the long drive.

Yup. You are alone.

Messam is just rolling over BC. Gotta find a way to stop him.

Glad the two point convert failed. Why go for two? It's a two possession game regardless.

Not an easy feat - he's a tank!

Didn't see which Calgary D player was injured there.

Stats guy is drunk. Marked a TD when it was a timeout. lol

Yet another BC FG. 17-9.

Stamps kneel it out. Halftime. Charging the phone.

FG response to TDs ain't gonna cut it BC.
I'm sure Leone is happy that Speedy B isn't back in the end zone on those FG attempts! :smiley:

Horses with the upper hand at halftime

Still think BC will come back and take the game in the 2nd half.
Awesome game by the 2 gunslingers.

Not if they can't stop Messam. Just scored a TD.