Stamps @ Lions

Not to get ahead of myself, but looking at the standings…who do you cheer for?

The Stamps are 1 game up, but hold the season series.

Yeah, the Riders presently hold the season series with the Lions, but play them one more time. If the Lions win, they win the season series. The Riders are -10 in point differencial over the first 3 meetings, so any win by BC gives the series to them. That late comeback stings a bit more

BC and the Lions play once more, in Calgary, after this…perhaps a split? If BC wins both of those the Riders might have a better chance of winning a home game. BUT, whose house would you potentially rather walk into in the playoffs…Lions or Stamps?

I am rather torn…I will be at the game but do not know who to cheer for.

Hell…I have to wonder if a crossover might be the best path! lol

As a fan you always want your team to finish first, thus I’m wanting the Stamps to win. Assuming the Riders take care of business next week, they will then only be 1 game out of first place with 4 remaining.

At this point I'd like to see Lions win. Let them have first and attempt to chase Calgary down for second and home field. Yes were only 2 Wins back of second but I still see Lions grabbing first.

2 wins back of Stamps (because of season series) but also only 2 back of lions...because season series is up for grabs. Pretty much the same gap either way 23.

Torn is an understatement.

I think Calgary is playing pretty well. Kevin Glenn is staying steady and we might see the return of Drew Tate in 3-4 weeks? Can he be good to go for the stretch run or would they hold him back fearing re-injuring shoulder.

BC looked very human on Saturday. We did very well in 1st half. We allowed them back in it. BUT, we won the trench battle and we had 3 D-lineman out! Most people were picking BC because the Riders were more dinged up, especially D-line.

I think BC will win at home. BUT, I don't think eith Geroy or Bruce will return. Paris Jackson is more than capable but he isn't Geroy? You lose those 2 receivers and that changes things in a hurry. I think Harris is about to get more touches as RB.

They will split. BC wins next week and Stamps win in Calgary.

This is fun trying to figure out what works better for the Riders! BUT, they need a win on the road. They have 8 days to rest and maybe we get some bodies back. Saunders is likely done and the two-headed monster is gone. He was doing well as a returner as well. Toronto was steady with Jarious and with the rest, maybe Ricky is back. Plain and simple...............we need two points or all the guessing is a waste.

Then they head to Edmonton but the timing of this trip is pretty solid. Kavis, a defensive guy, is now going to run the offense. Marcus got demoted and that is a pretty strong message. Jyles and Kerry have been dinged up and right now might be a great time to visit Edmonton. There run game has gone to crap. I wish we could play in Edmonton this week?

Who knows. BC defense will be ready to stepup. They allowed alot of big plays agasinst riders/ Their coaches will have them ready to shutdown Cornish just like the riders did last week. Stop him or else. Their D is that good I expect they will play prouder and shut down stamps.

If we win...............tied for 2nd and still 4 points out of first. Week by week is the answer but i wish I could change our record.

We need to win in BC, the last week of season. If they win they they'll get the tie-break. So BC and Stamps have us by the nuts on tie-breakers. We need more W's.

We have a chance of finishing in second and hosting a home playoff game if BC can finish off the Stumps.

I am really looking forward to seeing Cornish having to play at Taylor Field for the playoffs.


I want a home playoff game so I'm cheering for the lions. We need to get ahead of the stamps and then track down number 1.

Though if I had to play for the western final outside of Regina, i think I'd rather do it in Calgary (more Rider fans in the stands) then in BC! Tough call really.

Lets just finish in first place and make this easier.