Stamps @ Lions

This game had better have a better result. it be a BC blowout. :x

ummm no thank you :cowboy:

When is TSN going to change this theme? Awful. It doesn't get me pumped up. It sounds whiny. :thdn:

i agree about the tsn is almost as bad as the stamps black helmets.

Yea Chief.... no no no........GO STAMPS GO..............Burris; SHOW IT TO ME :rockin:

What gives with the Stamps offence? All that talent and they cannot even get the basics right by even the second game? How do you have holding on a play for which the snap was botched? :roll: What a bunch of stinkers and they better get it right the next drive or this will be another awful game.

Funny I didn't remember asking......

Fine by me if the Stamps stink it up tonight.

I hope they cant overturn it :lol:

Hey, I picked Calgary, but with the way this night’s going, it’ll be a BC blowout. :lol:

Touchy, ain’t we? :o

Touchy, ain't we? :o
No haha Chief I was just joking chill :smiley:

Nice Int!

That was a great catch by that guy, he is obviously an all star, it takes a lot of talent to hand someone an INT :x

IMO a coach should have to challenge the spot of the ball before he knows whether or not the spot is in his favour. Once the sticks come out... too late for a challenge.

Wally just wasted a challenge... they rarely overturn the spot.

I know it takes a lot of talent to catch a ball that lands in your lap :lol: :lol: Just kidding

Well forzanni gives one back. At least burris can tackle. Ugly ball all around tonight

Come on Burris throw some more dogs...

It looks like Calgary is wearing another team's helmet. :expressionless:

God i miss Dimitri Tsoumpas right now, speaking of which whats the status on all our injured players are they bandaids or what

Nice to see BC can actually stop the run.