Stamps @ Lions

I'll be going to this game. Should be a dandy! I predict the Lions will win this one, a close game. Printers should feel at home in the Dome tonight.


Let the win streak begin tonight!



Go lions go!!! Casey with a big game please :smiley:

I'll be there tonight. Should be a great, close, hard-fought game. I'm sure Casey will be pumped and the fans will be loud.


i predict a Stampeder win...

Go Stamps! I want RLR to go into hiding all week like he did last week. :smiley:

jee, I want B.C. to win…

have the Lions a win up on the Esks… and the Stamps tied with the Riders.

....ooooooooooo, that was scary....

Yea BC!!!

Good start. :wink:

Uh oh! Stamps just scored a TD. Quick, someone check on RLR, make sure he hasn't had a stroke...

wow, Big return!!

There's a nice easy catch, courtesy of CP

BC has to get it together with these offside calls...

I have a feeling this will be another CFL barn burner finish.

The way BC put up a quick 10 points I thought it might be a rematch of the early game.

...offensive gong show since the break...

Why would you want BC to win? If BC loses we get 2nd gauranteed. This game has no bearing on first place. Whether Calgary is 1 game up on us or tied with us, it still comes down to next week against them. Unless it's a tie next week, but what are the odds of that? Plus, then BC has a chance to go 1st and we still only get 2nd... So really, there's nothing to be gained by BC winning.

so why wasn't there a flag on Aaron Hunt, for landing on Burris???

they call the same type of penalty on Chick for the same type of unnecessary Hit.. so why not Hunt?

Referees decide to call that penalty in an OT game.. so why not call it everytime then???

and again just now with Printers sliding!! two guys just attempted to hit him when he slid... no call.

cause i'm selfish and I want Edmonton to have to win by a huge margin! in order to get 3rd.