Stamps Lions Looking Past Riders

I read the papers in BC today and listened to the Team 1040 from Vancouver this afternoon. There was no mention at all that the Riders would have to play Calgary in the west semi. The entire talk on the air and in the papers, AND from players, was the Nov 12 game between the Stamps and the Lions.

It might be strange to mention but when the Riders play Calgary, the Stamps will be on two weeks rest and that's been a long while since. IF they win, they will play the Lions on two weeks rest as well.

Anyway, if the Riders want motivation, they only need to see the papers or surf the sites out in BC.

Yeah, if you look on virtually any thread, there are already many ppl echoing your thoughts...

No surprise that Saskatchewan is overlooked. Unlike previous seasons, Saskatchewan has mostly been average in the second half this season. No long winning streak to scare opponents. Any playoff victory would be a shocking upset.

you mean "will be" not would be,,Right?

Let the winning streak start with Calgary this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Riders are all about the upset. They only seem to win when they really aren't supposed to, then all of a sudden there they are. Great example in 1989, they got no respect from Calgary or Edmonton that year, and low and behold they were off to the Grey Cup. Will that happen this year, I think it mostly depends how much Calgary, BC and the media underestimate them.

.....whereas I think it mostly depends on how they prepare and execute.....

Don't get me wrong - others underestimating a team is a powerful tool, but if the Riders don't take the next two weeks to find a way to solve Calgary, underestimating the Riders will be a moot point.

…can I ask why you titled this thread to include the stamps when the sources your quoted are all Lions-based media outlets?..I don’t think anyone here in cowtown is looking beyond your guys come Nov.5th…blame the arrogant lions and their media supplicants for the slight, keep us out of it…

As a resident of BC.. I completely understand the underestimation... As a Pride member I love hearing it!! Tells me that their not thinking about us in Green and White.. I agree we play damn good ball when we see our opponents over-looking the 'here and now'... If or When they make it past Calgary I'll be rootin them on in BC PLACE! .... And I'll be sure and bring lots and lots of noise!

Rider Pride - Nation Wide!