Stamps, Lions Injury Reports: Durant limited on Tuesday

TORONTO — The BC Lions and Calgary Stampeders have submitted their injury reports ahead of their game on Saturday.

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Sure is interesting how M. Reilly is always listed as Limited in practise , inferring he isn't fully healthy, yet he plays every game the whole game. He has no trouble throwing passes or running for extra yards. Come on Campbell quit trying to deceive everyone ! You have played that card way to often and consistently ! No one is fooled anymore. All the teams are preparing for Reilly to play! (Oh! Yea! Reilly's special sauce just before game time to get him well enough!) Yea! Right!
Look at Calgary ! They are not listing Mitchell as limited or even on the potential injury list. Despite his shoulder problems! Truth in Sports is important to Dickenson and the Stampeders!

Maybe, but it seems to me if Reilly is favouring his elbow they would limit his reps so he can hopefully play a full game.

Since when is injury info your (or anyone else's) business?

Since as a dedicated CFL fan injury reports are important to a team’s potential success.

OK I get it ! You’re not a dedicated fan (just a tourist fan) who isn’t all that interested

in the Success or failure of any teams in the race for the Grey Cup. Other Fans are

And Coaches & their teams are also interested as they need to prepare for their

upcoming opponent. But great that you asked! Although you could have written with

a less ignorant tone! You should post respecting others opinions and remarks.

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Coaches hate the injury reports. Just as you say, coaches need to prepare for opponents, but for that very reason they have kept their injuries as secret as possible from their opponents for a hundred years.

Sure fans want to know injury statuses, but any fan (tourist or otherwise) want wins more than anything, and limiting injury news helps the team win. :+1:

So it appears to me that you agree. The Lions having it posted that Reilly week after week is limited at practise (inferring he is injuried and questionable to play) is a way of cheating the process' and dishonestly misleading everyone to help the team win. It's one thing to not announce an injury in advance of a game , and another to mislead by inferring an injury in advance of a game. Sure maybe he did have an injured elbow, but after 3 weeks (or more) of playing, throwing and running like he always did sure indicates he is health and not as injured as is being inferred. That, by any other way, is dishonest and not with the "fair play" attitude expected in sports ! As I stated in my first post. The Stampeders play by the rules and value honesty. Mitchell had shoulder problems but was taken off the injury report after last week's performance. It seems not all teams have that same moral conscience.
If you can't play with a moral conscience and play by the rules with honesty it isn't a respectful team and certainly not a respectful potential victory. I have no respect for the LIONS since they have no morals. But then I guess there are fans who don't either and cheer for anyone of the same attitude to justify thier short comings.

One question. Why do you need to know exactly what everyone's injuries are? And I don't mean, because there's a rule, I mean why is it so important that there have to be a rule so that the fans know all the injuries?

There are constantly players in all league and sports who have injuries requiring post season surgery and yet it does not hamper their effectiveness.

It makes sense that such players would be rested as much as possible between games

Rick Campbell is not misleading anybody. Michael Reilly is unable to throw unless he gets shot up before the game and that treatment works. Before game 1, it did not work. It is possible the same ineffectiveness might happen before some upcoming game during the season. That is why Reilly is listed every week as possibly not being able to start.

Bo Levi Mitchell half-jokingly said he would do the same as Reilly if his own injury affects his ability to pass the ball.

Instead of trying to convince yourself that the Lions are somehow cheaters and immoral, you should be more concerned about health of real people who have to get shot up just so they can play for your entertainment.

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Correct, many players are injured throughout the entire season, often will take days off during practice, or be listed as limited.
That in itself is 100% transparent.
To have a persistent injuries but don't indicate that information is infact cheating.

P Dog.....the best answer to your question is, the CFL introduced single game betting, with that comes transparency of player status.

P.Dog seems to not understand the reasoning behind the injury reports if all teams are being honest and upfront all teams should be the same. No one gives a shit that Campbell or the BC Lions do not like it. This was agreed to through the league and just maybe it is time to spot check some teams on this to be sure they are honest with it.

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I KNOW why they brought it in. I KNOW that it's for betting. Betting is bad for football and all sports in general. I've explained why thoroughly in other threads. I'm not going to do it again here.

If you want the explanation, post search me.

I totally understand it. You DON'T need to know, unless you are betting. And if you're betting, then I don't care about what you want. I just want good football. Betting is bad for football.

Oh NO!! Is Rilley on the limp????