Stamps-Lions game thread, July 24

Game two of tonight's CFL doubleheader is live from BC Place at 10:30 ET on TSN.

Let's see if Calgary is back or if the Lions can build on their Edmonton win from last week.

Oski Wee Wee,

Is there a situation where both teams could lose this game? :smiley:


I think Wally's gonna have the troops ready again to dish out some pain.

Alright.. time for some football that isn't Pee Wee level

Yes, it was said on TSN it should be great game, or will it just be great compared to first game of doubleheader?

Let's see how our opponents next week will do.

Pierce to start.

Stefan LeFors makes Garo Yepremian look like Tom Brady. This game will be better. LOL

GREEEEEEEEAAAT... .it's Rod "I need to go back to calling figure skating" Black up to call the game!!

I remember having an Electronic Quarterback with two buttons missing...and I got over 62 yards passing!!!

:D :D :D

Well, when watching on TSN, you have to listen to either Black or Suitor.

Ron Trentini has been rumoured to be hitting the midget games for offensive inspiration for Kelly. LMAO


And did he also get caught spying there? :slight_smile:

ooooohhhhhhhh good one BYF

Kelly: Watcha got for me, Ron?

Trentini: Wait, I had the napkin in my pocket...

WOW.. everyone is in fine form been a fun night of inept football!!


Nealy in at QB.

Edit: never mind, Burris back in.

Uhhmmmm.. this game is starting like the Pee Wee game we just watched.. .something in the water tonight??


Stamps recover.

Not Smart. :wink:

We do see turnover, CGY now in FG range after recovered fumble.

I really think the fumblerooski has to be legalized again. LOL

I love football, but hate all the teams that aren't named Tiger-Cats. I pick a team game by team to cheer for.
So tonight, I'm cheering for BC. I figure if they loose they will be all that much hungrier next week. Is that feasable???