Stamps Lions game gets HEATED

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Jeremaine Copeland wants to make one thing perfectly clear:

Geroy Simon started it.

"We saw him on TV saying (our dancing) was terrible and we were ignorant for doing it," Copeland said about the standout B.C. Lions receiver.

"If he wants to talk about us, we'll talk about him, too.

"It's not like he has the perfect dance of all time."

Copeland and fellow Stampeders slotback Nik Lewis responded to Simon's criticism last Friday while on the panel of TSN's Off The Record.

They said the superhero pose that Simon strikes following touchdowns is "gay" -- although the word was bleeped by TSN.

Lewis, whose team is preparing to face the first-place Lions Friday in Vancouver (8 p.m., TSN), stood by his choice of adjective yesterday.

"It's gay," Lewis said.

"We said it on national TV. I have no problem with Geroy but he came out and said something about us.

"We didn't say Geroy was gay; we just said his dancing was."

One day after the Stamps' OTR appearance, Simon hauled in six passes for 132 yards and one touchdown in a 28-8 rout of the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton.

Following the game, Simon found a TSN camera and sent a message: He was going to kick Copeland's butt in Friday's game, the first half of a pivotal home-and-home series between the top two teams in the West Division.

"I heard about that," Copeland said of Simon's threat.

"It's funny to me. This week, I'm going to let my actions on the field speak loud. I'm going to get a whole bunch of yards. This is going to get real serious.

"I wasn't trying to start nothing. He already had it started, so I just have to take care of business."

The only time Copeland, Lewis and Simon will be on the field at the same time Friday night is during warmup, walking to and from the locker-room and for post-game handshakes.

So the Stamps receivers will have to count on their defence to prevent Simon from striking his pose.

Copeland and Lewis also have to find a way to solve the Lions secondary.

Copeland doesn't think that will be a problem.

"The middle of the field will be wide open the whole game," Copeland said.

"They might bring guys in to change things up a little bit. It's just a matter of us executing and getting things done. I'm confident in (our defence) 100 percent.

"Those guys are fired up and they know who their main guy is. I have no doubt in my mind they will keep Geroy under wraps."

Simon -- the CFL's leading receiver with 84 catches for 1,554 yards and 13 touchdowns -- says he has grown tired of choreographed touchdown celebrations he used to perform with Winnipeg at the start of his career. Nowadays, following a touchdown, Simon just strikes a superhero pose because his son likes it.

Well for one Geroy never does a dance after a TD. In fact none of the Lions reciecers dance. Clermont simlpy tosses the ball to the refs like he's been there before. Simon's pose is pretty low key , not much to talk about.

...finally some 'attitude' being displayed for this game....good for both locker rooms....this should be fun...

Ah yes, let the trash talk begin.

Hey Papa, remember the good ole days, The Winnipeg BC trash talk that went back & forth?

The thing Copeland should remember before he yaps too much, is that he can only hope to be as good a receiver as Simon is.
And that most of their little dances are worse than gay--they are pathetic.

I like Nik Lewis, who is a better receiver than Copeland as well, and he sometimes actually walks the walk.
Most times when Copeland starts promising big yardage, he gets shut down.

But, its a big game--a BC split in the home and home and Calgary can't finish first---a sweep by BC lets the Riders run the table and push the Stamps to 3rd.

Go Lions go!!

i bet the the stamps are focusing all thier practice time this week....on making new dances..haha guys must miss those dances seeing how one hasn't been performed for over three weeks and that's all you can talk about :twisted: :twisted: ....

i miss them.

....I think the boys will be working on some new ones for this Friday....sorry Tom, but Geroy has laid down the challenge....

Actually, your guys go out and make a routine catch for 2 yards and they dance...nearly every's pathetic.
But the reason it is news is because the players are talking about dancing...that's some trash talk.
Instead of, "we're going to shut you down and kick your behinds" it is, " we will so outdance you next week".

Pretty silly!!

Should be a good game. Despite the Stamps loss, their O looks good and the Lions D has looked good so we'll have to see what gives. Dances or no dances.

....and you guys are getting Pierce back which should make your O happy.....there are no injuries or excuses for either team now, this will be a gooder....

....yeah sure bud, like no other team in the entire league does this....I see it all over the place....or a LB who makes a sack, ONLY the stamps LBs make a tomahawk-like chop to celebrate....your biasness reeks all the way over here....

Yeah I heard that too Red. Pierce will start, Jackson is #2 and some new signing will be number 3

Dickenson's concussion is worse than they thought. Theres a rumour floating around that he could miss at least two more games and not come back until the Winnipeg game.

....Sporty I think you want to stay with Buck from here on in....he is IMO the best backup bar none in this league and is pretty much the starter now anyways...

I agree Red, I'm pretty comfortable with him in there. After all, the Lions will be his yeam in three years. (Or less if Dickensons injury is career ending)

I have no problem with a player doing a brief dance to celebrate a big play.
My bias is against guys doing long extended celebrations or dancing like they did something special when they just made two yards...
And my preference is for guys like Clermont who don't dance at all...

Which leads us to guys like Copeland, who is by far the worst offender in this catagory, and he has the Stamps doing more of this dreck than any other team.
To the point where even his own coach has had to publically state he doesn't like it....

...are you serious? honestly think Cope does a choreographed dance after a pick up of two yards?....exagerating a tad doncha think?...

Never said that...
But as I recall, Calgary got their butts handed to them by TO last week, yet the receiving corp found numerous opportunities to dance, including some plays for short yardage, or that were at best ordinary.
And I do recall at least one play where Rambo got a handfull of yards, was miles short of the first down marker, and he was shakin' and shimmyin' like he just made the biggest catch of the year...and all your guys do it, and Copeland is the he was in Montreal.
Like I said, I have no problem with celebrations after a big play, which of course includes TDs.
But your guys just cheapen the celebration to the point that it is just silly.

I might add that teams have been penalized for spiking the ball, or making a kicking motion to indicate a punt, etc., yet the elaborate celebrations by Calgary are ignored?
And once again, Higgins, your coach, had to tell the receivers to stop the big productions. That should tell you something.

[i]"My bias is against guys doing long extended celebrations or dancing like they did something special when they just made two yards... "

"Never said that... "[/i]

...uh huh....

....anyways, you are clearly one of the 50% that don't like choreographed celebrations after TDs....gotcha....