Stamps led by Henry the has been!

:lol: It is evident Henry is a has been already. My , the Stamps are in a real predicament. Either start 90 year old Danny Mac or play Henry the has been???????? What should they do????? If the Stamps had a real quarterback with their talent they would be undefeated. Henry the has been has been primarily responsible for all the losses!!!!

Riders Rule
Stamps Drool!

Dropped passes (thurman in the endzone doh) and penalties took away at least 2 touchdowns. Burris didn't play all that bad it took the whole team to lose this one.

Done picking on the Bombers? :lol:
Bombers Rule
Stamps Drool! :wink:

the 'has-been' whooped your riders a couple weeks ago..what do u have to say about that?

I think he’s still bitter.

All the Stump fans making fun of the Esks debaucle(and it was) two nights ago might not like this but.... SPANKED!

Home field.

Chest thumping.

Now...shut up.

neither the esks, stamps or lions play consistantly week to week.

one week, it looks like the bc lions are gonna dominate the league, then they look like bums.

same goes for the stamps and eskies.

nothing out of the ordinary for Hank, he runs hot and cold.

Yep! Only the Alouettes look like they're gonna dominate the league. :cowboy:

Who's in the house? Als in the house! :rockin:

only the als and the bombers give consistancy every week.

lets not forget, the bombers only losses have come to the als.

You can say the same for the Riders as well DG, seems they are good when the D shows up, and lousy when they don't...

true...i thought of the rider D after i posted.

but, on the brightside, the rider O gets better each week.

Montreal traditionally always dominates early in the season. Have they played any western teams yet?

Yes Turkey you are so funny! ALl the Stamps need right now is a side of Riders to fix their appetite! I stated the Stamps would lose because for some reason they do not play well against the Lions! You can bet Henry will pick it up a notch!

It was those damn cheating refs! That's why we lost! now Turkey and Moses, don't you go worrying your pretty little heads about our woes and troubles here, seems like theres piles of concerns in both your camps too....I'm satisfied with saying my team is pretty average right now, definately not producing to the level that was expected of them, but enough to still be in the race...will Burris and Crew get better?....sure they will, will the rest of the teams in the West get better as well?....sure they will.....ah, what fun what fun, I say what fun!!.......

R&W is it not nice to have fans from other teams so concerned about the stamps! I rather enjoy that! :lol:

I wonder what Burris' confidence will be like after getting pulled in favour of McManus... can you say QB controversy in Calgary... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Sambo I am really concerned with your mental health issues this week! I believe Burris was pulled so that he could see what was going on in the game and nothing more. Mean while the old guy got to play! No harm in that! I am sure Hank will be ready for the next game a side of riders is always great for his self esteem!

Are you sure about that 05? He was pulled right after the pick, so I imagine Higgins wasnt too happy with his performance... even though Calgary plays the Riders next week...expect a different Rider team, they will be geared up for that game, they are most likely sick and tired of hearing how Burris owns them in games....