Stamps @ Kitty Cats

What about not kicking the FG ON 3RD DOWN . Or Ham defence allowing CGY to march the ball from the 1 yard line ! Should have been 2 and out !

What about KG's 40+ yard bomb to a WR that got mauled way early by a DB who wasn't looking for the ball (which was very catchable) that would've put Hamilton inside the 15?What about the throw to Bruce in the endzone where the DB pushed him back so he couldn't get to the ball?What about the throw to Cobb where the DB wasn't looking and was trying rodeo on Cobb's back that would've had a 1 and 10 inside the 20?
There were way to many calls inappropiately in Calgary's favor today and it's ridiculous.They got handed the win, plain and simple.

k 15 champs, just keep whining and making excuses, because in reality your team is 0-2, and at the bottom of the league....

you think your team is the only team with calls going against them, think again....

Burris and co. moved the ball at will against your defence, it was a close game, and definately could have gone either way. The ticats had no running game whatsoever from what i saw, and Reynolds tore it up.

Granted some calls went Calgary's favour, 2 missed field goals were huge.

K I don't take anything from you seriously a) because you're one of those Bomber fans that takes any chance they can to crap on Hamilton and b) I won't stop whining and they're not excuses, they're facts.

If you count the blocked field goal it was three misses. And one miss led to the Lewis td.

Fun fact:
The big missed FG return was directly after a blatent PI was missed and brought up third down for Hamilton.

I agree about the other 2 misses costing us for sure though.

No, those fg misses were obviously the refs fault :lol: Hamilton didn't make a mistake today and all the refs are against Hamilton. No other CFL teams get bad calls, only Hamilton !! Stop whining , you lost, suck it up !

and if sandro would have made just one of those fgs, then hamilton would have won.

You don't get it do you?
Of course I understand that there a missed calls in every game.But to have 3 or 4 very costly ones in a row is a little much.
The refs did most of the work to make sure we lost and Sandro did his part also.

1 offensive td again... cats deserved to lose.

blame the refs.. LOL.. blame your team.

Dude this is what 15 does, you should hear him after his team wins, cockiest guy on the internet.

Spoken like true hypocritical, delusional bummer fans.

I'm not like that at all and you guys know that.I as well as 25,000 other people left the game furious but i'm better now.Yes we got screwed big on a few plays but we also could've executed better so it's our fault as much as the refs.

I formally apologize to the fans I mouthed off to when I got home, that's not like me at all.
Great win by the Stamps, missed opportunity for the Cats

You guys kick a field goal down by the goal line instead of going for it, and this game has a different outcome.

Unfortunately the Stamps stopped you dead in your tracks.

Better luck next week.

Hopefully your coach learns from his mistakes.

:cowboy: :cowboy:

ya but the bombers were supposed to suck. the cats were supposed to compete with montreal.

There is still a lot of football left to play.

Hamilton had many opportunities to win this game. I think that 3rd down gamble was in fact pass interference, but they should have been up about 10 points at that point, and then likely would have just kicked a FG. They need to put away the chances that they are given.

I'm a very humble guy, and have no delusions of what my team can accomplish, I just hope they do well! I gave the Argos well deserved props and complimented their new QB. You can check my post history if you want, but 15 is a huge antagonist whenever Cats play (check his post history haha) and a a whiner when they lose.

EDIT: 15 did say he made some remarks in a furious Tiger-Cat rage, It's all good 1-5.

the cats should cut sandro and sign whoever the argos release when the double blue eventually sign medlock.

lets face it, sandro has stunk this season, cost them a win this week, and is not worth his price tag.
they could get the argos cut kicker for a fraction of the cost, and cant be worst than the 2 of 5 sandro went this week.

if im obie, im counting down the days til i can release sandro and his overpaid ass.