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looks like sandro got the shakes against his old team.
that was an awesome run back. the way the fakes people out down by the goal line!

Is it me or is Calgary getting away with a lot of pass interferance?

its just you.

Calgary has alot of big physical dbs, sometimes it is boarderline PI, but those didn’t even look bad, Rod Black likes to choose a team to cheer for and comment everything in their favour.

i like the new rule on uncatchable balls not being called interference.

the ball was thrown between the db and Bruce and it was underthrown, it was only catchable if there was nobody covering him.

looks like Glenn just got crushed, im sorry but i guess i was right when i said that Peirce is no more likely to get injured than anybody else

wow, GREAT coveravge, by calgary there :thup: and an amazing goal line stand---now thats defence :smiley: :thup:

You have to kick the FG ! Especially with the wind !

hopefully calgary can make a stand here again!

BS. I've counted 3 on Bruce alone that weren't called.

Grims, only the last one could be marginally called pass interference

I agree with milt - the first two were not penalties, imo, and the last one in the endzone could have gone either way.

dont worry, i was just tryin to be a jerk.

:lol: I think it worked...

How about that on the overthrow? Was that a PI non-call, too? :wink:

Calgary deserved the win :thup:

Bit of an odd game, I missed most of the 1st half, but Hamilton looked like they were moving the ball better overall than Calgary in the 2nd half but couldn't score any points. They looked a lot better than last week, but when you're moving the ball that well it's gotta be demoralizing to score so few points.

Should also give props to Calgary, they didn't look great last week, and they didn't tear it up this week, but most people wrote them off at the start of the season and they are still getting the win.

Refs handed them that plain and simple, i’ve NEVER been this po’d after a game.

calgary should have had a couple more TDs as well!

i think they should feel good leaving kevin glen in @ qb.

did hamiton go 0-2 last year as well?

plays always go both ways. liek the burris procedure call.

Calgary got what they got point wise.

Glenn is good as a starter for sure.

Hamilton went 0-1 and then beat BC in BC.

The Burris procedure call was wrong as was the 3 or 4 missed PI's that would've gone in Hamilton's favor.
In the end, Calgary get's handed a win and Hamilton fans get the middle finger.