Stamps @ Kitty Cats

I'm predicting a Stamps win 33- 21, unless the ti cats oline can step up, it will be another loss for them

Much like Winnipeg... Hamilton is NOT the team that showed up last week!

Let's get THIGGY with it!!!

Thigpen does it AGAIN!!!

Winnipeg was the team they were last week, Toronto wesn't the team they were last week.

I wish winnipeg never traded Romby... :cry:

looks like hamiltons oline is holding up so far, thats a good sign for them.

:o did Deangelis just miss a kick or is it just me???

I had to clean my HD screen... but yea he did...we'll put a stop to that QUICKLY!!


k,,,, cause i thought i was going crazy :lol: :wink:

It was Trafalis' fault.. he needs to hold better.. whew.. all is right in the world... Sandro is himself!!

wow burris fumbles :o

It seems to me that burris trys to pump fake too much, if hes gunna run just tuck and go already

i feel like the HD cameras are futher away from the play. its straightening out now though.

i wonder why calgary doesnt like touchdowns. burris running on second and ten... not so sure about that. it seemed to me he had time for renyolds to get open, if he would have held on for an extra second.

Someone PLEASE tell me WHY SSK released Thigpen????

WOW what a BEAST!!!!

4 touchdowns so far this yr.. ALL different!!

thigpen has as many touchdowns as some teams.

Plainly and simply, Thigpen is just fun to watch.



nice to see forzanni in on the game

why not go for a touchdown on the 2??? Questionable decision on that one…

yeah, that one hirt.

I'm sorry, but Dunnigan makes the other guys look so stupid, Shultz has no idea what hes talking about, and is just an idiot....

"hirt", really?

I can't believe the Stamps didn't go for the TD near the end.
Especially as the road team you cannot play conservative.
Anyway looks like this game is going down to the wire, uless Thigpen takes over in the second half.