Stamps ink Thurmon, Spencer

The stamps just announced the free agent signings of impact weapons
Elijah Thurmon (WR) and Walter Spencer(LB)

Here's the link:

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Your thoughts on these signings?

Spencer's a good pickup, in my opinion. As a Rider fan, I'm a little disappointed to see him go. Thurmon's all right - yeah, he racked up over 1000 yards last year, but just barely, and he was the leading receiver on the Riders.....I don't think he'll be Calgary's go-to guy, though. Calgary has so many receivers that are superior to him, in my opinion.....hope they didn't give him as much money as I've heard he was asking, because I don't think he was worth it. The fact that he was signed a month after free agency kinda indicates that he wasn't in huge demand. I think Spencer was the better signing.

This finally confirms that DB and Roy Shivers are bringing us down from the inside. Perhaps Thurmon isn't one of the premier recievers in the league, but he was on the Riders. He was our one shining star on offense last year other than Corey Holmes and our O-line..... and we threw him away like a piece of trash. Perhaps they have some secret weapone up their sleeves, but otherwise it will be Matt Dominguez on every play..... let's see how long that will last. We need something to happen really fast. I wish they would convince me they are worth the drive to Regina for every game again.

Go Riders!! Good Luck.

so its as good as done...the bombers will finish ahead of the riders.

IMO, signing Thurmon and Spencer makes a good team better ... adds very strong depth to a strong linebacking core, and gets another receiver who may be stuck behind Lewis and Copeland, but is a good option nonetheless.

I agree with Kev. It was agood pick up for the stamps. especially Spencer. I really wish he could have been kept by the Riders. He's fun to watch. Thurman, well he is a good reciever, but definetly not a great one, or a go-to guy. He drops key balls, which can really hurt a team. I'm not overly sad to see him go.

Oh and drumming_god thanks for the wonderful insight.

what improvements have the riders made from last season???????

spencer was a good addition but i dont think they really need thurmon they all ready got good recivers

....Riders are definitely losing more players than they are signing.....seems like they are adrift in a sea of apathy.....hmmmmmm...I've seen this before by another team ....who shall go unnamed.... followed by a couple of disastrous years.... :roll:

Other then gettin rid of Bellefaile (sp?) none really. But that still does not put the Bomber automatically above the Riders. But the Riders still have a great core of players that can get the job done. They need another reciever to complement Dominguez, and they need a qb to get the ball to these recievers. O-line is still solid, arguably the best in the CFL. D-line solid, LB's are above average on the outside and average in the middle. DB's are good.

Crandell can do an adequate job, he should be a bit better then last year with another year in the organization. Hopefully Condell does a good job making a scheme that Crandell can execute. I would rather have a different QB, but I know Crandell can do the job if he isn't asked to do everything.

I will freely admit that I am pissed off at Shivers right now, I don't think he is doing anything. I don't blame Barret, cause I think he is working his ass off, but he is only the head coach and assistant GM, if The GM isn't working its hard to blame the guys below him.
But the Riders are currently having training sessions down south, so there should be at least some new faces in training camp.

But to say its "as good as done" is pretty premature.

They'll get there best receiver back, Dominguez, keep intact one of the best offensive and defensive lines in the game, and they made a switch at offenisive coordinator which will be for the better. I won't say where they'll end up becuase it is still to early for that, just last year they ended up at 9-9 while the Bombers ended up at 5-13 with 3 losses against the Riders. Yes the teams start at 0-0 and yes the Bombers got Simpson but I would be willing to argue that having Dominguez back is as big as getting Simpson. And the records last year are still a good barometer of how a team will do this year, that is why teams like the Esks, Stamps, and Als look good coming into this season.

im actually looking forward to being in the east so we dont have to compete with the stamps

Great signings by the Stamps. Burris is going to have alot
of weapons to chose from this yr. I hear Spencer's an absolute
monster on special teams. Wouldnt be surprised if he makes it
in Whites position at linebacker.

Well done Jim!

"im actually looking forward to being in the east so we dont have to compete with the stamps "

I dont blame you BBfan12. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I name them the Bombers!

I agree remember Martay Jenkins was our best ST guy and he retired so Spenser relieves us of that loss. But last year is a good measuring stick for this year. Lets see what the Riders bring to training camp before you knock them. Remember the Riders big down fall last year were receivers dropping balls. Was that due to QBing or just bad receivers. We will see. The Bombers have done nothing to make me think they will be better.

even after all ive talked to u about u still havent taken anything in, u really have it in for us dont u

I don't blame ya ... but I'm lookign forward to Winnipeg staying in the West, while Ottawa still has a team in the East ... the eternal optimist (at least, when it comes to the CFL).

Billy, all I can say about Crandell is I'm glad he doesn't play for the Stamps anymore :stuck_out_tongue: Extra years didn't help in Calgary ... neither did changing OC's. But hey, he could stilll prove me wrong.

Hmmm Shivers fiddles while Rome burns.......If I were Rider fans, I'd be flooding the talk shows screaming for Shiver's head....He's done nothing for the team this year!

I, for one, was quite disappointed when they decided in November to keep him on another year.....