Stamps' Injury Report: Paredes sits out, Logan limited

TORONTO — The Calgary Stampeders have filed their first injury reports of the week ahead of their matchup with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Friday at McMahon Stadium.

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Would be unfortunate if Paredes didn’t play. He is like 2 points away from becoming the 9th highest-scoring player in CFL history.

I do want to see Sato play though. He’s one of my favourite players!

Rene has a shoulder injury. Luckily he only uses his leg so he will play. (occassionally has to tackle when he misses a kick, but that is rare)


If Rene’s shoulder is damaged he’ll veer off contact on any missed FG or kickoff return situations, leaving things to the 11 other men on the field. He’ll still try to obstruct or direct an open field monster into coverage. I specifically remember Troy Westwood, the old Bomber kicker - and Westwood would miss nearly 30% of his FG kicks. Westwood feigned violence but the facts show he was scared shi*less to get obliterated by contact. Usually, Westy ran shadow footraces with returners but stayed in his own lane while testing his on-field speed with the top returners of the day!
Parades would be well advised to do “The Westwood” on Friday nite!

No Rene is a very talented kicker with many seasons as the top kicker, and I’m sure he will be fine . He is also very competitive . He will do everything he can to help the team win.

I seriously doubt he would pull a “Westwood “ That was ok for someone on a Bomber team, but not for a Stampeder.