Stamps in bad shape

...on the other hand, if I read the OP's thread title correctly, then I might be somewhat inclined to roughly the halfway point between the last game of the season and the start of training camp I'd have to think that stamps are in bad shape right now, lazy loafs and all, but probably no worse off then the other seven teams, a bit of PT will change this shortly I assume...

I think the Thread should read STAMPS IN GOOD SHAPE. As someong mentioned a case where someone is trying to make something out of nothing. The lower attendance at pro football can be seen in both pro leagues in North America the NFL and CFL but does not mean people are not watching.

This is absolutely true. The same is the case with BC - pretty much across the league I guess. The CFL is a very different league nowadays. Just look at ticket prices. While not as expensive as NHL tickets, they aren't exactly "cheap".

As for Calgary, their stadium needs an upgrade for sure. Wasn't there talks about massive overhaul of McMahon?

As an Eskimo fan who also happens to be a Stampeder season ticket holder, take it from me, the Stamps will do just fine. It will be interesting to watch how the Flames owning the Stamps will play out but as far as the fan base here goes, they survived bad owners and in some cases a circus atmosphere, including near bancruptsy in the Flutie years, the owner buying the team so his son had a place to play and many many heartbreaking losses.

The only other CFL franchises that could survive the messes Calgary fans have endured are Saskatchewan and Edmonton. Calgary will do quite fine with or without a new stadium. One more huge oil boom and it might be built. If only B.C. would see the light and rubber stamp the pipeline.

It happens in every pro sports league these days in the stadium changes and needs. There is always a team or two that gets left out and have to wait for who knows how long. I believe that the locker rooms of both the Stamps and Dinos have been upgraded to pro standards as well as top notch training rooms and weight rooms. The Luxury suites have been added for the modern stream of revenue needed for pro sports franchises. So the upgrades are something that is not seen by the average fan going to the game.
From what i read on this site the biggest thing now is an upgrade on washroom and Concessions need to be modernized so I imagine that is next.
The stadium is truly a community served facility with every post HS football team in Calgary using the facilities. If Mount Royal were ever to place a football program in the Canwest as part of there transformation to the CIS is 10 minutes down the crow child trail. SO when the city is looking for funding from government agencies or programs they have a good case as to the usage of the field.
A plan that Halifax would like to put into place but the two Universities in Halifax are not cooperating. Imagine where Calgary would be with out McMahon

there is some talk now about the colts joining the CIS with mount royal or sait. it's proly a good idea, but I hVe such a DDT spot for the junior football program. it worked in Regina with the rams, so hopefully Calgary can make it work

I have actually corresponded with someone from the Colts who is their media coordinator and a free lance writer for Mount Royal who contacted me when I posed that question on the Colts website and he told me that he does not see that happening as the Colts are dedicated to Junior Football for players who are looking for an alternative to University Football.
Jim Mullen of Krown Canadian University Countdown and SHAWTV commentator for CanadaWest Game of the week sees that Mount Royal may be looking at football in possibly 5 years once they have the rest of their sports teams up to a CIS level.

Encouraging is the University Dino and MRU Cougar yearly ongoing sports competetion called the Crowchild Classic. The hockey game between the Mens and Women's double header was played at the Saddledome and supported by the Calgary Flames whose owners also now are the majority owner of the Stamps.

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I think that this is a good sign for Mount Royal and a possible football program. If two cross town Universities participating in a athletic rivalry competition the ultimate Rivalry sport for two schools is football. It seems like they would have a lot of support from outside the University itself. ie Stamps/Flames owners, The City of Calgary itself not public funding but some private funding/donations from local business. Even the Dino's may be in support in an effort to raise attendance for Dino home games. The Stamps adding future game to their season ticket package something that is being tossed around as possibility of Ottawa CFL team for the Panda game, The ALS for the Vanier cup adding that game to their season ticket package for a game at stade olympic.
I believe the Stamps currently have a deal in place for its season ticket holders for season or game tickets to Dino games, although I do not know all of the details.