Stamps in bad shape

With all the new stadiums coming on board, and the excitement of Ottawa coming back, a lot of fans I talk to are concern with Calgary and the lack of fan support over the last 2 years. Add this to the fact that the Stamps play in a dump with no real prospect of a new place being built and I think the leagues got trouble in Calgary. I hope, I'm wrong, but....... I also hear that they have been papering the house the last few years and the real average is 23,000 per game. Could this be true

No !

Take out Calgary and insert Toronto. :lol:

I’m sure Calgary will be upgrading their stadium soon enough, I mean isn’t Calgary of all places the centre of business of oil rich Alberta?

…your three cats don’t count


yup true but it is the most americanized and disconnected Canadian city i’ve been to in for a long time.

Very young, wealthy, drunk, transient in a white collared way. Not a CFL demographic at all. The old time Calgary" born here, long term resident, proud to be from here, proud to live here, will stay here." is seemingly gone.

went to 2 games there in 2012.Very papered attendance. Not saying its in trouble but its different. Needs an upgrade.

...haters gotta hate I guess....for the record slant, while you are entitled to your opinion I am entitled to say you're full of brown bananas on the wide sweeping generalization of the city I call home...'cept the part about the age of the stadium, that part cant be denied... the OP, insinuating that Calgary isn't as CFL loving as Ottawa? that's a laugh...dont' ever remember the stamps folding TWICE in their history

…yup Cal. is in trouble and going to fold…AND Huffer is going to sign on with the Bombers as their new gm next week… :lol: I am waiting for some kind of announcement on their stadium however…I know they hate being outclassed by Regina and Winnipeg in the stadium dept…Right Red… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a season ticket holder for the Stamps and have been for a few years now. I see these kinds of threads show up over and over, so let me give you my take on the two issues that you mention Calgary has;

  1. old Stadium - yep it's old. yep it would be nice to have something more modern and I'm guessing that Calgary will be the next CFL city to get at a minimum an upgrade to our stadium, once the current crop of upgrades are complete (we can't have the entire league playing in high school stadiums while we build new ones ... and yes I know I'm exagerating the situation)

  2. "papered" attendence - to understand the attendence in Calgary you have to understand the nature of much of our work in the region. Many of our fans are "commuters" for work. This is not "commuters" in the same terms as other parts of the country where you travel for an hour or two each way for work. I personally work 4 hours away from home and travel to work for an 11-3 shift (11 days on and 3 days off). If the game happens to fall on my days on, then my ticket remains unused (unless I give it to someone else, which I try to do), BUT my ticket is still paid for.

From what I have seen at the games (and I go to most of them) they are anouncing the "paid attendence" not the actual butts in the seats. Since many of the season ticket holders I know are in a similar position to me, their ticket is paid for, but there might not be a butt in their seat.

I think this situation is much different than other cities that just have empty seats that are not paid for. I would be more worried about those cities than I am about Calgary.

Finally, there were only two teams that did not make money this past season (Toronto and Hamilton if my memory serves me correctly) in the whole league. With calgary consistently putting a quality product on the field, and with the quality of overall play last season (an amazing season, even though I am not happy with the ending) we may start to see more sell outs again.

Just my take on the situation.


About 5 other teams would love to be in "bad shape" like the Stampeders. :roll:
Yup, the Stamps are in real trouble :lol:

I don’t hate. But I apologize in offending you. I’m sure Calgary offers much more to a resident than to a visitor. Your right I was too sweeping. probs, appreciate the retraction...we do need some upgrades to the stadium though, can't deny that, and not just lipstick on a pig type stuff, something serious

I agree.

The Stadium is the last that is in need of a major makeover or a new one built but as for an organization they have never been in better shape with the Calgary Flames now becoming majority owners. Streamlining front office cost and combining maketing the two teams together gives the Owners of the Flames year round revenue income with the NHL and CFL almost with no crossover in seasons. They already eliminated the need for a team president for the Stamps with the job being obsorbed by the Flames people

From us easterners, it does appear though how the Stamps are now the weak link of the west.
In need of major stadium renovations, there is also no doubt as the numbers do not lie how the Stamps are having struggles throughout the regular season and especially during any playoff games.

The evolution of the TV ERA in the CFL combined with the weather has lead to the lower attendance especially in the playoffs. The Esks are also seeing the same. What they are losing in tickets they are gaining in sponsor revenue. Now that the avg game gets between 700 - 800K viewers the more revenue is being brought in by sponsors. The once gait driven only league is slowly moving into the modern sports ERA and let the corporations with the money generate the revenue

That’s fine, but can someone from Calgary answer or provide a theory as to why there appears to be a fan malaise or apathy?

…probably beef-related…but seriously ArgoT, perhaps worry about apathy and malaise in your own backyard first, anything here is minor in comparison…before you point at the speck in our eye remove the plank from thine own

I can honestly say that I have never heard anybody say that the Stamps are in trouble. I personally have always felt that especially in the last 5-6 years or so the that the organization has been in fine order.

That’s interesting. As a Westerner I have never asked myself which team in the West was the “weakest link”. I always think of them all doing well.

Go back and read my earlier post. I believe I explained some of the “issue”. I don’t see any “weak” teams in the west … all of the money losing teams are in the east. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly a western owner has had to “step in” and buy an eastern team as well, just so the franchise would continue on … I think that would be the Argos!

I think this is someone trying to “create” an issue where there isn’t one. I attend most games and am not seeing the problems like many are trying to indicate there are. I’ve been a season ticket holder for several years now (bought two moer seats this year for a total of five). There is a core group that surounds my seats that are “always” at the game. the only reason the seats beside me came open this year, is because the previous owner passed away.

I predict this year there will be higher attendance, for no other reason than we made the finals last year (even if we didn’t “play” in the finals … but I digress). The west is highly competative and the league as a whole was excellent last year (many incredible games), so attendance will probably be up all over the league.