Stamps horse should be allowed at Grey Cup Game!

I just heard that Quick Six, the Stampeders' touchdown horse will not be allowed at the Grey Cup Game.

This is a very poor decision by the CFL, Grey Cup Committee and Rogers Centre.

The Stampeders horse is an iconic part of CFL History and for it not to be allowed at the 100th Grey Cup is ridiculous.

The horse has been at every Grey Cup with the Stamps. Who can forget the picture of offensive lineman Rocco Romano sitting on the beautiful white horse holding the Grey Cup after their win in Winnipeg? Olympic Stadium and BC Place all allowed him to be there.
The young lady riding the horse has rode for 19 years at Stamp games. She is not a city slicker turned cowboy that can't control a horse. Quick Six is also used to crowds. He thinks the crowds are there to see him!

Come on Toronto, you know what's right. This is CANADA''s Celebration. Don't exclude an important part of CFL history from the big party.

From what I hear Ralph the Dog is allowed, but the horse isn't being allowed due to the higher sideline attendance/amount of equipment/people on the sidelines for the 100th Grey Cup... So if its a safety issue/a no space issue, there's not much that can really be done. The league is trying to look into it, if what I read is true, but there is only so much sideline space available for everything. Would be pretty tragic for a galloping horse to run down someone that isn't paying attention to what's going on on the sidelines.

So while for tradition's sake it would be nice to allow it, for safety's sake, it might have to be something that is foregone this year.

Just proves what many believe, Toronto is a joke and didn't deserve the 100th Grey Cup. Should have been played out west , where traditions are respected and fans care.Especially since this is where the Calgary first brought the horse to the Grey Cup in 1947, I believe? Toronto should be ashamed of themselves.

Just watched the 92 Grey Cup game, lots of space.

The last 3 Grey Cups were out west. Calgary 09, Edmonton 10, Vancouver 11. Regina doesn't have the capacity to host an event as big as the 100th. Not enough hotels, transit and venues to host all the events.

There is a reason Toronto is known as Hog Town.

My fear is this is to keep the animal rights people happy.

Run him across the back of the endzone. Mankind has over come bigger obstacles ! :slight_smile:

…let Q6 run right down the middle of the field!! :lol:

…I get the safety issue tho, but heck there seems to be a lot of space between the sidelines and the crowd in that thar beisbol stadium

Call me crazy, bit there might be a slight difference between production values/the amount of broadcasting equipment in 1992 vs this year... Also, with it being the 100th Grey Cup, there may be just a few more people on the sidelines...

There will be plenty of horses and horses A***** in Toronto this week. I just wanted to point out that here in Calgary, we have a strip of grass that the horse runs on, it does not run on the artificial turf. They do not have any grass in the Rogers Center so the horse would have to run on the turf. It would be costly to repair the turf, costly to install a strip of grass, so I don't blame the Rogers Center for not allowing the horse. I also think that running on the artificial surface would be hard on the horse as it is much harder that the artificial surfaces used in horse racing.

If Calgary really wants the horse to attend, they should offer to pay for any costs associated with this including repairs to the turf in necessary.

I hoping there will be plenty of Horse power on Sunday with or without Q6 :cowboy:

The Stampeders could use as many horseshoes in Toronto as they can get hold of. If Q6 isn't allowed to come, I say take the horseshoes off and bring 'em!

I could care less whether Q6 is allowed, as long as the Stamps win.

If memory serves me correct and it usually does, didn't we refuse to allow Gainer the Gopher on the sidelines in Calgary a few years back. Or was that a horse of a different colour? :cowboy:

"... as long as the Stamps win."...VoiceofReason

Glad to hear that VofR. Now you've given me even more reason to cheer for the Argos! Thank you! rotflmho

Bitter left coast losers. What a riot. :twisted:

The next best thing to seeing my team win the Grey Cup is seeing the team that eliminated the Lions ...LOSE! LMHO

I am not....I repeat....I am NOT a Calgary Stampeders fan! lol

So, instead of riding the horse, the "Out Rider" could ride a pig....... Got it! :roll: :roll:

Hey Red,

Maybe you could put on your Red Cape and fly through the air and.... oh wait, .... wrong forum.....wrong super hero..... :lol: :lol:

Actually, you are onto something. During the winter, my Grand daughter takes the horse shoes off of her horses and they do an occasional ride in the powder snow.