Stamps head into an off-season of reflection

I wouldn't go so far as he "dropped the ball". It would have been the best catch of the game, but yes, I think even he wishes he came up with it. The bigger concern is Shaq "who" Evans. Two interceptions on balls thrown to him. After that they kind of forgot about him and he ended up with -4 yards on the day. Absolutely in-execusable for him to have an outing like that. He has bad body language, looks like an upset child and he is not putting out. He is hurting his team and has the ability to be an all star. I am going to give him the benefit of a doubt and say he must be playing hurt, so let's put someone on the field that is healthy and has some "Dog" in him!

It went right through his hands.

Agree though, Shaq was terrible. That second pick happened because Moxey wanted it real bad and Shaq didn't seem to care. Moxey came from a long way back. He had his motor started the moment it left Fajardo's hand. All Shaq had to do was step forward and take it. Instead he was, meh ... whatevs. What happened to intense swaggering Shaq from 2019?

I know a lot of people put the blame on Paredes as Stamp fans. He certainly had a real bad evening. Here is the thing and I said this a month or two ago, the Stamps days of running a %700 winning record are out of the picture for the next while. Why? Not because of the field goal kicker but because of the QB. Bo may have a good year or two left, but not a 12 win season. Burris, Dickenson, Mitchel and Flutie were outstanding but there is no QB waiting in the wings like these guys. At some point the odds have a way of getting even. Look at Edmonton. The Evil Empire is no more. Huffenagel and Dickenson will keep them close to playoff contention half of the time. But when Huff leaves it is going to be a struggle to make the playoffs for a while. Let's face it, if BLM was the Bo of old, Calgary wins that game.

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I think an era of championship football has passed us by. Bo is done! He can't throw, he can't run or won't run...whichever it is, he won't move the pocket around and the offence it totally predictable. I believe once more that the relationship between coach and QB is too thick. Dave can't see the forest for the trees because of their friendship. IN no other league, will you ever find a QB that won't run with the ball. He over throws, underthrows, late throws, gives the ball up for INT's, and he never improves. He loves the lime light, and will glow under it, but refuses to improve his game at all. The wide out pass is a joke. He won't throw for any real yards anymore, instead electing to go for 5 or 6 at a time. He doesn't conceal the ball well on hand offs. He looks bored and listless gong on and coming off the field. He burries his head into his little computer pad, and goes out the next set of downs, and repeats the same mistakes. Two and out Mitchell.
It's interesting too. All of our back ups have out thrown Mr. Mitchell and gone in and comfortably cleaned up his mess. The secondary QB is outplaying the 1st string QB, yet doesn't see anytime on the field after doing so. Maybe it's time for David Dickenson to move on as well. There is a relationship (friendship) there between the two of them, that are hurting the club, and I would expect John to see this and act on it. I for one, won't be returning to back to the University Stadium until one or both are gone! If you're not serious about the QB position, then I'm not serious about season tickets.!!!

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Well stated Glen, Bo of past years would have won the game by end of 3qt.

You have a good backup QB in Maier perhaps Calgary builds their future around him.

Chin up, the wounds are still fresh. Things will improve.

I saw a BO that played injured all year and a stamps team that lost a major part of the seasoned veterans that made them always a threat to win EVERY single game. To blame this all on BO is not only unfair but wrong.,.. not to mention the always accurate place kicker missed THREE doable kicks in the west final... This was team effort in the losses all season and a team effort on the west final where let's be honest the riders outplayed the stamps in a few areas such as special teams and Cody drive the field late in the 4th and the stamps looked lost on the entire D in that drive. Not saying the stamps got outplayed in a blow out but in a close game like that the best team usually wins ....
There not much wrong with your Stamps team by any stretch of the imagination. But the way the head coach spoke at the end of the game he may be looking to move on and out of the shadow of HUFF. THAT would be tragic to the organization

Thank you Sir.
Yes that Stamps have been my favorite Sport team for a lot of years now, and of couse we have seen a lot of good QB's come through here. Bo however; reminds me of the old Danny Mcmanus of B.C. in his last couple of years, where he was afraid to release the ball for fear of another interception. If you watch him throw the ball know, it's not with any authority and the ball has a loose spiral on it. The front 4 are giving him all kinds of time, but he chokes up. Just like when he stands at the front line calling out the signals, he seems to be in another world. The time clock is counting down and often he's late getting it away or he puts his own team offside. Year after year after year he has done this, and yet Dave never demands any improvement at all.
I go to the practices, and it's like everything is pedantic. Just going through the motions. I don't seem him working on anything, or any special work being done in areas for which he desperately need to improve. No... In fact I see him as rather lazy. When someone offers you a decent job in life for good pay, you should always try to better yourself and hone your craft. He's been a let down, and it only gets worse; and part of that responsibility has to go to David. Dave should know better. You know Bo came in here as a back up. Maybe that's all he should have ever been. The Defence has saved his butt so many times, along with field goals, that I couldn't begin to count that high.
He's not a team player and might be the elephant that's in the room and on the field that no one wants to address for fear of upsetting the coach, because in the end, it's Mr. Dickenson't responsibility.

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You know that "injured excuse" can only go so far. If you're injured stay home! If you're sick you don't go to work. Nope, injury is not the cause. The cause is a lack of and the loss of....SKILL! Bottom line. He's very fagile, a good wind would break his legs, and he's not cut out to play the sport! He's been on the downswing now for a long time. Our back ups when pushed into service have done better and frankly; have shown Mr. Mitchell up! He knows that and is aware of that.
In most sports, if you see a person at a certain position struggling the common remidy left to any coach in any sport is to pull him in favor of trying to seek solution with another player! Weather your talking pulling a goalie or sitting him or a lacross winger or a hitter in baseball. Strangly, that's not happening here. It does on other teams....just not here! That in by itself is weird! Something wrong there. Yeah, 3 field goals were missed, yeah some tackles have been sloppily done since two years ago, no one's improving there either it seems, but Bo has to be much better, not a little bit better much, much better with the ball; and it his age, that's not going to happen because it's not in his DNA.

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I won’t weigh in on Stampeder personnel, other than I think Bo might be done as well. I noticed that of his two throws to the end zone in OT, one was uncatchable way out of bounds and the other was virtually uncatchable.

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Maybe once he gets his covid booster shot that will help, as they say it changes one's DNA.

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Could very well be, the stamps have relied on extremely good players at key positions but so has every other successful team... Riders struggled all season with mediocre at best receivers that made a lot of catchable balls look un-catchable ... BO kind of had that same issue but not as bad. Then Bagelton came back and BO often totally zoning in on him and no other receiver and still he caught almost everything BO threw to him. BO is still good and the back up will improve better by learning from the back up position rather than getting trial by fire

I personally think that the Stamps can sometimes be rightfully accused of being to patient and lenient with those that are content with midiocrity. If in charge, (thank God I'm not), I would cut the strings and begin over. If history and pattern of behaviour is showing us anything, is that there is no improvement. Every athlete owes it to himself and the team to try to improve and do better It's only getting worse.
I'll tell you who I do like, and that's Adams in Montreal. Here's a young guy who can make something out of nothing. He can do it all, run, throw and be deceptive in his execution.
When we had Henry here , it was 2 and out, 2 and out, 2 and out. Now with BO, it's 2 and out , 2 and out, 2 and out. That's a lot of pressure put on the Defence. The offence should be able to hold its own. Not happening.

Yes Jon, and we have had more than 2 years of that. Then there was the mysterious broken leg thing. Never heard of anyone in my life who had a broken leg that wasn't on cruches and without cast of some type. That whole thing was somehow not sitting right with me. Here he is attending the game walking around and socializing and no limp, not even so much as sitting down. Nah....I"m not buying into that one. !

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Maybe your on to something my friend...maybe your on to something.

Bo cracked a bone in his shin in week 1. He played on it in week 2. He did not look hurt in week 2. Nobody commented during the game that he looked hurt. Only afterwards when he revealed the injury did everyone say "ahh, he threw 4 picks to BC because he was hurt." Bull. He threw those 4 picks because he was making bad decisions due to ego and frustration. That does not mean that he wasn't hurt. He was hurt, but not enough to really affect his play.

The broken leg healed in 3 weeks. That's not a bad break. When Ed Philion broke Damon Allen's leg back in '04 or '06 or whenever, Damon missed like 7 or 8 games. I am by no means trying to say that Bo is a sissy or anything. Any time that you crack a bone it's serious, but he didn't even limp walking on and off the field against BC. All that I am saying is that his injury did not affect his throws in that game. That's all.

So he heals up and continues to throw picks, multiple picks. Apparently he has a shoulder problem. He even took himself out of one game briefly because of it. But his throwing motion looks normal to me. He doesn't look hurt at all.

Bo is throwing interceptions because he is making dumb decisions. When you throw a 10 yard curl to a guy that isn't open, it's not a bad throw, it's a bad read - a bad decision. When you throw a 15 yard out and the defender is making his break while the ball is still in the QB's hand, that route is getting jumped. It's a bad decision. Why is he doing this? Because of ego and frustration. His team is not dominating now, so he needs to make something happen and dammit he's going to force it to happen because hey, he's superman Bo. It's exactly the same as the 2017 Grey Cup when he figured that he was going to win the game with one throw of his arm - without looking off the safety - and in so doing turned the ball over while still in range for the tying field goal - a very bad decision, justified by his ego.

Bo's been in this league with the same dominant team for almost a decade and over his entire career we have asked the question, what would Bo be like if he played for an average team? Well for the first time in his career he's played on an average team this year, and the answer to the question is, he's average.

Nothing has happened to change Bo. This is just Bo. This is the way that he's always been. He's been an average to good QB on an amazing team all these years. Now he's an average to good QB on an average team. That's the only difference.


He pulled that same stunt 3 years ago. On any other half decent team, Bo wouldn't even make ball boy! He can't throw, can't run, has no guts, can't count to 20, blames the recievers and yet leads the league with INT's. This from a guy who each year says, he's going to be better! I pu t some of this on Dickenson as well. The two of them are buddies and Dave right now is struggling to see the forest for the trees. No playoffs next year for Calgary. Not with Bo anyway. Look for their back up to leave Calgary as well, just like every other back up. How can anyone not be as good or better than Mitchell?