Stamps have peaked.

Calgary Stampeders have an astonishing record since John Hufnagel returned in 2008. It's a long run as the class of the CFL but it's over this season. Winnipeg and Regina are going to surpass Calgary on the field. If Edmonton beats Calgary then the best the Stamps can hope for is a berth in the annual playoff "westover", and will likely die in Ottawa or Toronto during the post-season.

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People have been saying that for the last three years now as Calgary has transitioned from the veterans to the younger players.

Everyone does realize that the majority of the "youth" here in Calgary played about half of the games last year as the starters, due to the injuries to the veteran players? I am getting older and my memory is going, but with the exception of three meaningless regular season (meaningless to us) games at the end of the year ... how many did we lose? Hmmm .... to steal a line from today's youth "Cool Story Bro!"

I could go on and on about all the areas that haven't improved in the other teams, but I will just stick to commenting on my team.

As a Stamps Season Ticket holder, I am not worried about this at all. It's going to be a good year and probably even more competitive in the west again. Look forward to watching some good football again this year.

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The rest of the league gets better and responds to the Calgary strengths. Luck plays a part in success. It is not the basis for winning by any means but all it will take is for Bo Mitchell to get hurt. Besides, it’s dull to see the same team dominate every year, particularly in a nine team circuit. It’s nothing personal against the Stamps, but it’s fourth place at best this year and a “westover” loss in Ontario. Bet your hat on it.