stamps have no class

any thoughts on the higgins situation

....because one person leaked some info to the press the entire organization has no class?....yeah, my thoughts are what an idiototic thing to write...

I agree R&W, although the only question I would have is this-- was the info leaked to the press with or without the blessing of Barker or Hellard? The answer could be very interesting.

I'm afraid that if the rumours/leaks are true, it does in fact impinge upon the "class" quotient for the Stampeder organization.
For starters, who could possibly know about the Hufnagal situation in order to "leak" in the first place?
But if he has in fact been offered the job before the end of the season, then that is not a class move.
If there is no truth to the rumours, then Hellard and the rest of the ownership group did a lousy job of supporting Higgins.
No matter how this plays out, the Stamps simply look bad.
Pretty much the definition of "no class".

Stupid maybe, but no class on the entire org? No.

I believe the situation was handled irresponsibly. The Stampeders had a good enough team to go all the way and this was a distraction the team didn't need. Also I find Higgins to be a classy coach and this is not something he should have found out while the he was preparing for the play-offs.

Well Higgins certainly has class.

Ridiculous Header!!! You must be a Rider Fan. FYI: the long term plan of the Stamps has been that Tom Higgins would serve as HC for 2-3 years, and then move up. This was written about 3 years ago, and Mike Petrie of the Herald wrote about it again in June '07. Eric Francis, took Petrie's article, and re-wrote and printed it. The latter is not respected as a sports reporter anywhere, especially Calgary. And as soon as he re-surfaced this topic, other media reps grabbed it and wrote about it too.
The Stamps organization do a lot for their community, as do other teams too...and are as classier as the other teams. Shame on you 2scoops. sentiments exactly 4ever....and Arius, just how did the organization NOT support Higgins over the last week?'re just stirring up crap for the sake of stirring it up with no basis of fact other than your opinion...

....Hufnegal and Hellard share a golf round, some pinhead leaked something and a reporter put two and two together and ran with a hunch...if the pinhead is found out then bye bye pinhead...if that pinhead is Barker or Hellard (which I seriously doubt) then so be it, they should be gonzo....if it is some mgmt flunky (which I beleive it is) then hopefully for their sake they have their resume tuned up...

....Hellard cannot confirm or deny the rumours because they are probably true and denying them wouldn't make any sense, but confirming them would've been a terrible slight against Higgins, so he does what is required,'no comment' until the story can be aired....I wouldn't be surprised in the end when all the news breaks that Higgins even had a small part is choosing his replacement....

....Higgins has always been considered as an operations type guy and I fully expect he'll be wearing a tie next year with a horsey logo on it...

Exactly the only one with no class is the poster who started this thread. Again reason number one why I will never pull for the riders.

Go Lions Go

Arius your as classless as the originator of this thread. The guy that should be chastized is Eric Francis the new age Marty York. He can not write original material so he tries to resurrect someone elses story. If it true then it is no fault of the Stamps organization but the fault of one low life reporter that should not be doing sports but gossip columns.

Go Lions Go

HOw does this have anything to do with the Riders. Why does everything come back to us. He never said anything about the Riders. I honestly have no clue if he is a rider fan, but regardless if he is or not it has no bearing on this post.


Well Billy Soup..other Rider Fans, that have gone before you..have posted on several Forums, knocking teams, including the Stamps, Lions, & Bombers. And in the last week or so, they have come on, even after they have won, belittling, and critiquing the Stamps on how they manage their team,players if they had years of stellar teams. Plus their over cockyness doesn't win brownie points either....Don't get me wrong here...Fans should support their team, however you don't go into forums and slam teams that you just beat. There is always going to be some Fans of every team doing this, however, presently, the Rider Fan on the whole..(excepting the mature Rider Fans that are a pleasure to chat with) are very apparent right now, more so than the norm. That my friend is why it was assummed it was a Rider Fan. If not, I am sorry, however, it had all the characteristics of a lot of recent Rider Fan posts. And that you can not disagree with.

I guess you havent read too many SwervinMervin/RLR posts have you...

Well excuse me if we are jubilant. I don't deny there are bad rider fans out there, but i don't see anymore then usual and no more then any other team. Its just that we have more fans that post on here. The ratio is pretty consistent for every team I would say.
And I take issue with you saying that we are going out of our way to bash other's teams especially the stamps. On most posts I have seen, people have been very gracious winners giving Calgary props on staying alive, and not giving up when things were down.
I just think that most people can't handle it when the little brother finally beats big brother. Big bro has to stick his chest out and put little brother down again. Well sorry buddy but it just ain't gonna happen anymore. For now at least the Riders are a good team and will hopefully continue to be for years to come.

I am in no way saying that the Riders are the best team in the league (although they might be), but a lot of people out there don't like to give credit where credit is due.

Also take a look at what happened after the BC/Rider game in September, BC fans were far from gracious winners, and were very critical of the organization as a whole. My point is that every teams fans does it it just seems more vocal when rider fans do it because quite frankly there is more of us on these boards.

Ohhhh..yes I have..over the years...But lately Sambo..the Rider Fans' have clearly gone over the top, more so than the norm. I'm not talking about "my team is going to beat your team..etc.." type posts. You would think that they would realize how successful the Rider's have been in the last 20 years, as to not throw stones in regards to how teams are managed etc...I could go on..just read the forums. There isn't enough space to copy it. little brother could beat the snot out of me since we were 16 and 18...he got the muscles, I took the good looks and brains...I figured I could make muscles later on....

I can assure you that Tom Higgins and Jim Barker are both first class individuals. I have met both men on several occassions, having worked on charity campaigns involving the Stampeder organization and I have enjoyed sessions with Mr. Barker as a motivational speaker a couple of times. Although I have not met Ted Hellard, I have no doubt that he to is a fine gentleman, although as suggested in another thread, I question his timing.

Although as my title infers I am an Eskimo fan, the Calgary Stampeders organization is first class and a tremendous asset to the City of Calgary.

The rest of Canada better enjoy this temperary period of limited success in Alberta while it lasts. To paraphraze Samuel Clemons, "Rumours of our demise have been greatly exagerated.

...for what it is worth, I didn't read any particular fan colours in 2scoopz dumb tag line, I just saw dummy, but not any particular colour of dummy....

So its ok for other teams' fans to run down the opposition, but its not OK for Rider fans to do the same? You are totally out to lunch on this one. Maybe you should go back and read some Eskimo fans' posts from this year and last, and you will see the same thing. It may seem like there are a lot of Rider fans doing that now, but then again, Rider fans are here win or lose, and for whatever reason that seems to bother you.
Just to take this back on topic, it seems that the entire Stamps organization is being painted with the same brush, but when one person decides to give info to someone in the media, that doesnt mean anyone else in the Stamps organization condoned that action.