Stamps Have Made a Profit the Last 6 Years

Well the old story how there is no money to be made owning a CFL team is no longer.
Previously we know how the Riders have made a healthy profit for many years, the Als also, ditto for the Esks and now this story has come out for the Stamps.
We suspected how the Stamps have made some money, but not since the current private group has purchased the team each and every year since 2005.
Inclusive is the mega profit for the last GC game.
Here is the link.

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That's a great story about a great ownership group that truly cares.

Awesome to hear!

Some nice insight!! As a CFL fan first and Rider & Eskimo hater 2nd, haha, lmao just kidding, its good to see the CFL getting stronger, not getting rich but thriving for the love of the unique Canadian game itself. That's what matters, no matter how much I despise the Riders, hahaha, again just kidding. One by one franchises is the CFL appear to be dialing in on the right ownership and formulas. Hope it continues.

But again, great article!!!

That's great. In reality it looks like only the two Southern Ontario teams don't make money (or lose significant amount yearly)
Hopefully that changes, league is getting stronger!

Hamilton has a good team and new stadium coming. Argos have a quality owner and much better HC. Yep things hopefully keep improving. Soon a higher salary cap, better talent, etc, etc. The future looks so bright I'll have to wear 8)

David Braley said last week that the Lions have turned a profit the past 4 or 5 seasons and he expects to earn a $5 million profit next season with the Grey Cup game in Vancouver.

One surprise in the Stamps story was the claim that the Als had the highest revenues in the league. Most pundits have suggested that Mtl was a break-even proposition at best. I somehow doubt they exceeded the Riders amazing $31 million in revenues last season, but I guess Forzani would know. :thup:

Montreal's ticket prices are almost 2X as high as most franchises and former president Larry Smith quietly confirmed the rumour when pressed that their brodcast deal was worth as much as the other 7 teams combined .


hmm I wonder if RDS brings in extra cash flow for them?

Seeing as Montreal is the only place that I have NOT seen a game, I can not say on the ticket prices, but that is rather interesting. Montreal is a great organization, and hopefully the fans stick with them after AC retires. They may have a rough spell until they find consistency at Pivot (seeing as the years they have not made it to the big game he was not playing).

It's hard to believe for sure Montreal makes more then sask. But I bet radio rights mean a lot more there. I wonder if ALS fans buy very much merch. I think much rider profit comes from merch. I think montreal has more money in private sponsors such as molson. Private companies show profit diferently then public ones.

Other than Toronto, are there any teams that aren't making money now?

Cats I'm not sure since they put a lot into iws. I think the bombers were until Kelly came along. Toronto will when they get the grey cup

i believe the 2 ontario teams are the only ones not making profit.

but the argos can minimize that, by hosting a grey cup game every 5 years or so...hamilton cannot.

if hamilton gets this new stadium built, i think they will be ok, since they too, can host a grey cup.

Did BC still make money this year having to play @ Empire?