Saturday, June 3, 2006 - 05:53AM

The 2006 edition of the Calgary Stampeders came out of the gate quickly, with the defence leading the charge. Scott Coe looked sharp leading the Stampeders in the first quarter, with a couple of monster plays. Using his speed on the outside, Coe was able to reach the quarterback on a couple of plays, knocking down a pass attempt and then reaching the quarterback for a massive sack. The teams were only able to trade field goals in the quarter, finishing tied after one.

The second quarter saw veteran Quarterback, Danny McManus enter the game for the first time for the Stampeders. McManus looked strong coming off the bench to lead the Stampeder offence. Using his veteran savvy and showing no rust, he marched the Stampeders down the field on a number of lengthy drives leading to two Stampeder field goals. Despite playing strong, the Stampeders left the half down 13-9.

It was in the third quarter that the Stampeders’ offence came to life led by Quarterback David Corley. Using his mobility, Corley was able to help the Stampeders gain first downs where a loss was imminent. He then showed his full range throwing a 32 yard bomb to rookie receiver Anthony Bright for the major. This touchdown brought the resilient Stamps to within 7 points, setting the stage for an exciting fourth quarter.

In the fourth, both teams came out fired up, hungry for a win. Sandro DeAngelis continued his strong evening nailing a 47 yard kick to narrow the gap. DeAngelis finished the night 4 for 5 with 2 field goals outside the 40 yard mark. Henry Burris came on for the fourth and clearly showed why he is the number one quarterback. Working against the clock, and a tenacious Lions defence, Burris was able to lead the Stamps down the field. With mere seconds on the clock and down by four, Burris connected to second year receiver Ken-Yon Rambo. Showcasing his athleticism Rambo, jumped up and reached over a Lions defender to score the eventual game winning touchdown. On the ensuing kickoff the Stamps were able to bring down the Lions returner, ending the game and leaving B.C. Place with a pre-season victory.

Don't put to much stock into this game , it was pre-season and that "tenacious" Lions defence was mostly 3rd and 4th string guys along with 4th string QB Emmert for the Lions playing the 4th quarter.

What is your point? Both teams played 2nd and 3rd stringers through out the game!

Yeah Henry Burris is going to be holding a clipboard all season , that is why he played in the 4th quarter.... :roll:

Would ya like a real simple explanation or can you figure it out for youself?

Seriously Drool had a good statment what was your point? Both teams played their young guys, Burris played 10 minutes much like Dickenson and they played against young guys so what are you saying?

SOOO , Should we be .... doing the victory dance this week?? Oh darn , I forgot ,it's only pre-season . Is that simple enough for you two????? another thread you said you didn't have time for this stupid forum....buh bye, don't let the screen door hit you in the a$$ on the way out...take care, dont' write.....

R&W he will do his Houdini trick mid season and disappear that is garaunteed!

Hey , I respect both of you guys , it's just the way '05's post came across last week . If you weren't a Stamp fan you may see the original as such , gloating that is , when it was in fact just a pre-season game. I usually enjoy '05's posts and you too R&W , but this one was a bit off , too bad you didn't 'get' it , Sambo did.
R&W , I didn't say I would never post anymore ,you're confusing me with sakargo. I said I didn't have time for this forum anymore there is a difference ya know. And I don't , I'm far to busy to sit in front of a computer for hours a day. And I won't be real involved here , but I may post from time to time .
Somewhat touchy aren't we being ?

...I guess, touchy, yes, no fun last night at biggy....hey, look how nice I was in your forum.....stop around some time.......