stamps give saleem borhot a second chance

I found this to be a bit of an odd pickup, but its not a big deal. Im not sure what kind of a contract it is, as it was drawn up in a matter of twenty five minutes. unless The stamps just picked up the remainder of his eskimos contract (i think thats kinda like getting him on waivers). The stampeders have pretty much stated they are going with non import at the DB positions. this is where he is listed on the roster. maybe trying him out at back up safety?

I really appreciate the Canadian Talent the huff is bringing in to camp. and i know sadly many of them will be released, and we will only have most likely the required 20 or so on the roster. Any way you loook at it though, being able to give a shot at the 12th pick over all from 2010 is pretty good. but then again... can one teams trash be another teams treasure? i used to make a lot of jokes that one teams treasure turns into trash in hamilton. or hamilton is where good players go to suck.

Perhaps schools in Calgary and area are a mecca for football now. or the stamps are trying to bring a more local feel to the team. although i cant see huff giving a crap where a player has played. or maybe the calgary and are high schools and U of C play a style of ball the stamps are gunning for. just noticing now... Borhot, parker, cote, and walter have the calgary and area connections. i know there are some others, but those are the recent ones that come to mind.

I dont know if i see Borhot making it out of camp. but we know that the huff will give him an honest look. Tillman is really house cleaning and putting his own stamp on the eskimos. Could be one the truest rebuilds we have seen in this league in a long time. unless we count hamilton trying to rebuild every year.