Stamps' George White injured!

George White ruptured his achilles tendon six weeks ago during a pick-up basketball game. -- The Calgary Stampeders will begin the CFL Season without the services of the league's leading tackler, Sportsnet has learned.
It is believed he will miss the two first games of the season.

.........hmmmm, that kinda sucks........oh well, Calixte will need to pick up his game to step in........or maybe, hey Barker, let's begin some talks with O'Shea!!........

Apparently this happened around 6 weeks ago and he is healing up but they expect him to miss the first 2 games of the regular season.

during a basketball game? that sounds familiar... where have a herad that before?

many many times. Donavan Bailey is one.

Thats really too bad for the stamps. An achilles injury is hard to come back from (I think). I can't imagine rupturing my achilles, man that sounds painful

Goodluck to George.

.....Robert Gordon broke his arm in the Arena football league a couple of years ago....he never was the same player for the Bombers after can't blame players for trying to stay in shape in the off-season...but it can be risky business....hopefully George will recover..those tendon injuries have ended a lot of careers... :!:

it actually mentioned in My Madden in Madden 2005, liston to the radio a few times, and it gets reported.