Stamps Forum?

I just went to the stamps forum to see what they were saying and there is really nothing since their last game and very few comments within each thread. As I write this the last post was started on Nov 9, with no replies? That's 7 days ago?

I have not been a member here very long but I'm shocked by the lack of blogging by the stamps fans. I'm not being critical but where is the fan support? Is this normal for the stamp fans or do they use a different site for the most part!? I'm really shocked! :frowning:

There definitely used to be more Stamps posters. Maybe their blood turned green.

There is a forum, I believe, that a lot of people post on. There are definitely lots of Stamps fans on here, they just post in the main forum more. This site used to be only just the main forum, and then they added the individual teams and some team forums get more traffic than others.

Being new to the forums, I went myself to see what the rest of the league looked like and it was amuzing to note how much more active the Riders’ page is; I was surprised how quiet Calgary and Hamilton’s areas were though!

Hamilton has the busiest forum on here, I think you maybe looked in the wrong area.