Stamps fans shaking in their boots

I read today that fewer than 30,000 tickets have been sold for the West Semi-Final.

Hmm... I guess the Stamps fans aren't as confident as they like to make people think... sounds to me like they're shaking in their boots. None of them want to watch their beloved Stamps get pummeled this Sunday.

I don't blame them. If I was a Stamps fan, I'd stay home, too... and get falling down drunk so I wouldn't remember the loss on Monday.


HAHA or not the recent level of play from your esks is if anything having the exact opposite affect on stamps fans LOL ive yet to see what evidence you have to think that you will pummel us LOL let me guess it will be the amazing play of your stellar d LOL :roll:

So in other words, the point of this topic sailed completely over your head... So Stamps fans are arrogant, whiny, and apparently slow... :wink:

As a Rider fan, Here's to seeing the eskies in the final. Not because i think they are an easier win (see edmonton's record in Regina this year!) but because i think it will be a better game. Two classy teams with the winner deserving their shot at the Grey Cup!

No i got it LOL i was just filling my role as whiny and arrogant...reading it again i realize i made no effort to seem like i was sort of playing along i guess i apologize for ruining it all for you chief :thup: lol

I figured you were just trying to mask your fear… :wink:


Is that more nervous laughter...? :o So that's why Stamps fans are always so arrogant... they're simply trying to mask the lack of confidence they have in their team. Makes sense. :smiley:

HAHA if any fans should be lacking confidence in their team im thinking most of them should reside here…lol at least they should be :stuck_out_tongue:

Why should Eskimos fans lack confidence? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Eskimos are the ones going into this game on a winning streak. Your Stamps just blew the biggest game of their season. Be worried, Jakob... be very worried. :wink:

:P i dont know if beating the argos counts as a winning streak LOL