Stamps fans, how long is Labingo out

Looking at their injury list, I can see why Calgary is struggling. Lazeo is out ,Howell, Ruffin, etc. Apparently Summers is back.

                                             Stamps fans, do you know how long is Labingo is out and the rest of these players.

                              Rambo is a huge lost and is also hurting Calgary badly, it`s too bad he got hurt, I think surgeory on a knee is normally unsuccessful. BC lions thanks for ruining the CFL and their star player. How would Wally feel it Calgary would have made the same illegal taCKLE ON SIMON AND distroyed is CFL career and the league . I`m not impressed!

                                             Something has to change to avoid this happening to other teams!

a) yes its disappointing to have good players out, but those second string guys have had time to get up to speed, injuries should not be an excuse.
b) I thought Labingo would be back for tonight's game. He was iffy for the Edmotnon game up to a day or two before so I thought for sure the extra rest would have seen him return but he is still listed on the one-day IR list. Hmmmm, that is concerning.
c) I know we went over this before, and you can feel however you want, but blaming the Lions for Rambo's injury as if there was malice intent is plain silly, it was an football play and the injury was unfortunate. This had nothing on it like the Jimenez play the year before.
d) What would you change? no tackling from behind? again, it was unfortunate but this stuff happens in a high contact high speed sport.