Stamps fans any news on returned injury players

They have had a stack of injuries unlike any team in the CFL, Brandon Smith his he out for the year, and Labinjo what is his status and others. How do I get info on the stamps site on injured player roster and updates.


                   This is definitely the main reason they are 4 and 4, and now Browner gone four 4 weeks or more, unbelievable!

                                                                   How can they win with alot of their starters out?

yah cause every other team doesnt get injured...maybe they should learn to play some defense..they made cody picket look like dan marino

the eskies have lost...Garrick jones ( best o-lineman), maurice mann for two games, lloyd for two games, lenny williams for 3 so far, lumsden for the year, bradley robinson,

but yah your right calgary is the only team with injuries..sorry

....practising for the reasons behind the labour day beatdown of your team I see :lol: .... all seriousness though, our D hasnt' played that great even with starters...they didn't do badly against the argos, heck only 19 yards rushing, and TO isn't as bad a team as everyone makes them out to be...but figuratively they are not the same squad that ended the season last year...

ill say one thing, you guys look just as good as last year...but your just getting alot of bad luck

...luck, maybe, sure, but in reality we are two special team tackles away from being 6-2....if we tackle Jackson to pin him deep in your end there's very little chance Ray drives all that field for the TD with only seconds to play, and allowing Dressler to run out the missed FG in the Saskatchewan game to our 49 yard line breathes life back into the riders...stop those two plays and it's a whole different season right now...