Stamps Fans a Class Act

I just bought Grey Cup tickets for face value from a Stampeders fan. Gotta say it is nice to find people who are not looking to make that fast buck.

Looking forward to the game and all the festivities to go with it.

haha most people wont try and screw you out, im more suprised someone was willing to sell their tickets jsut cause the stamps lost lol

Why you suprised? Stamps are out, happens every year when the home team does not make it :slight_smile:

im suprised cause i would go just for the sake of going...its the grey only comes around so often

Well, once every year or so.....

ya fans from all teams are like that.. many of them will get rid of their tickets once their home team is out.

quite common.

strange how that happens though.

Yeah, I don't get that... If I had a ticket to the Grey Cup, I wouldn't sell it just because the Eskimos were eliminated. It's the Grey Cup! I'd still go even if it was between B.C. and Winnipeg (my least favourite teams). me, I could easily double what I paid for my tickets, but I won't and my son and I are going and we're looking forward to having a great time.....that's what it is about...I'm glad things worked out for you hbw10...

thanks i meant to a certain town...its not comming back to calgary next year so why calgarians are passing this up is what suprises me

I bought tickets years ago in Winnipeg and my team never made it I still kept my ticket and went it was a blast!! even though Toronot beat the Stamps

Toronto won? That was a long time ago.

I know someone who bought tickets at face value from a Stamps fan as well, there are some honest people out there.

LOL does everyone assume that because we are stamps fans we are like less than human or something lol we are only out to screw everyone else over lol :stuck_out_tongue:

No, everyone assumes Lions fans are less than human. :wink:


the question now is, will edmonton fans sell their tickets at face value to us stamps fan at this years grey cup?

CHief- the stamps lost to toronto in 91 in Winnpeg... the rocket made a run back that should have been called back on two illigal blocks(watch the reply). the league wanted the argos to win that year as they were the "hollywood" team that year and felt they would give the league some more american credibility, especially with Mat D, the Rocket, and the pinner on the same team that year. similar to when the league wants the lakers to win. the next year calgary got flutie and not even the refs couldnt stop the stamps from winning. for more conspiricy and stamps fanatics, stay tuned!

Maybe you should hold off on the "purchase" of those Grey Cup tickets..... :smiley:

Nope. I will never give up my season seat at Commonwealth or my 2 Cup tickets for that matter. However, if I can't attend the game due to work, I may (try to) swing a deal with legalbeagle or even the canadianhothead. :wink: Oh well, it's just a thought. :?

I'm always up for a deal. I'm suprised I can't find more tickets for sale considering how poor the esks Re doing. Them again there only one win against Winnipeg from a playoff spot