Stamps extend QB Jake Maier

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders have extended American quarterback Jake Maier.

Maier played 11 games for the Stampeders during his rookie season in 2021 and made three starts. He completed 95 of 148 passes – a 64.2-per cent success rate – for 1,211 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions. He had three 300-yard passing games and was the first player in CFL history to crack the 300-yard milestone in each of his first three starts.

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"How can they fit all this under the CAP? Something smells with some if these recent hires"


Very good signing for Stamps. Looks like very decent insurance for Bo.

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With either Masoli or Evans (or both) moving on in Hamilton. Who is in a better QB position heading into 2022? who?

if Calgary had a roster full of expensive, high priced Vets (like Bombers) I would agree with you, but we aren' t, so we're good :slight_smile:

You believe Jake Maier, who guided his team to a loss against the Elk, is a good QB?

I am a little surprised he signed so quickly without even sniffing free agency. Maybe he received some assurances that BoBo is on the way out, as is obvious to almost everyone? I would like to know the terms of his contract, if anyone has that information.

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He is young and needs more experience, won his first start, out played Collaros and damn near won his 2nd start, had the miracle minute and beat Bombers in final game. We can't all find the greats like Tino Sinseri and the soon to be ex Rider Issac Harker. _ BTW in his 2nd year Harker was STILL heads and shoulders below 1st year pro Maier

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At this point, the Stamps look set at QB while every other team has question marks. We'll have to wait and see till FA season begins before we can really say.

Will BLM be able to bounce back next season after a subpar 2021? Will the Stamps release him to make room under the cap for other signings? Will they trade BLM to the Argos? Still a lot could happen between now and May.

Hey , don't get me involved with this . I've got enough problems of my own . :laughing:


would you doubt Calgary will be prepared the day Bo leaves? That's what the Stamps do

Sure with 3/4ths of winnipegs defense out he won a meaningless game.

a win is a win buddy........ you are focusing in on a few negatives while glossong over the mony positives,,,,,, riders would kill to have him as backup, a you know it

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wrong, wrong, wrong about Bo Levi

Just like a loss is a loss and he lost to the Elk


Rider recruiting has gone downhill under O'Day. He never had the connections of Craig Jones

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Stamps sat more guys than the Bombers

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fine, he lost to the Elks so that defines his career now? you must really be down on Fajardo then,,, will turn 30 with out a GC appearance...sad

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He won in Toronto...

He put up what 13 on the Bombers 2nd stringers? Very scary :laughing: