Stamps extend backup QB Tommy Stevens

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders announced on Wednesday that they have have extended American quarterback Tommy Stevens.

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This is a good signing! Stevens has been great in the short yardage situations because of his big size. He is just about as big as the D linemen on opposing teams. He still has a way to go with his passing but more time is a great teacher.

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Any news on Logan Bonner? Did the Chris Reynolds resigning leave him out in the cold? I think he’s got real upside.

Haven’t hear about Bonner but Chris Reynolds has re-signed

Dave Dickenson has a lot to get signed (re-signed ) but there is plenty of time before free agency

He’s the man of the future in Calgary. They need to start packaging him in to get him more playing time. Maier cant get the ball out quick enough to make Dickenson’s offence work consistently.