I had to work today so i didnt see the game, I looked at the box scores and i seen we still had no run game and the stamps only ran the ball 15 times, did Reynolds play the whole game? or did Jenkins at least break one for a first down?

I watched almost the whole game, and Jenkins was not very effective, blame it on rust or zero Holes created by the O line.....then again Reynolds was stopped in his tracks as well

Jenkins had one 14 yard run in the second quarter, but other than that he wasn’t much of a factor. Then again, I think the Esks only did 8 running plays all game. You know, the usual story…

Reynolds didn’t have any room either. He was down 12 yards behind scrimmage before the Stamps scored their last TD (off a QB sneak from the 1 because of pass interference). On that play, I thought Reynolds was running the wrong way because he was a little foggy in the head from that Wiltshire hit earlier.

I thought Jenkins did pretty good. His first carry was a 14 yarder on a nice hole from the O-Line. (Some nice cuts to) But every other time, the O-Line couldn't open anything. Ricky Ray did a handoff, and there was 3 Stampeders in Jenkins' face the instant he touched the ball. Smacked for a 2 or 3 yard loss. (Not his fault)

Jeoffrey Reynolds was stacked for a loss or no gain about every time he touched the ball. Except once where he got 7 yards. But yeah.. He was going to catch a running back streak out of the backfield about 30 yards downfield, and Wiltshire NAILED him. He dropped the ball and layed there for a good four minutes.

Oh yeah, the final play came down to a 2 point conversion from Calgary. Henry Burris rolled to the right and big Cedric Scott ran his a$$ off, dove, and took him down for a sack. Ricky Ray took 3 knees and the game was over.

Calgary played REALLY good defence in the second half, Ricky Ray seemed to be a 2 and out almost every time. John Grace was in the backfield all second half and there was constant pressure under Ray. Most of his incompletions were him throwing the ball away.