Stamps @ Esks, Game Thread..

well.. I'm gonna be at this game tonight.. so i'm sorry! won't be able to comment!!

I have a feeling that the Esks are going to win this one.. it's just a feeling that I have!

Damnit! My night's ruined now...

Be thankful he doesn’t own a laptop… :lol: :lol:

At least he doesn't restrict is prediction curse to only the Riders.

I was so excited about him not being here that I completely missed the second line of his post... Now my night really is ruined. :?

I've got a sick feeling about this one...
Always hated this three days rest thing...why should these four teams, year after year, be subjected to injury risk by almost being punished with three days rest?

A new OC on the said three days rest.

Another typical slow start by the offense and particularly RR, could spell doom for the EE...

I think Burris and the Stamps are picking up steam...hitting a stride.

It's a toss up but I would not be surprised at all by a Calgary win in hostile territory...even more sickening, it might not even be close.

Okay, don't mind's the morphine...I mean c'mon, I just picked the Argos in that thread.

...what is with all the 'feelings' on this thread?...some sort of group therapy session?...

My only therapy is beer, and I bought plenty of that for tonight's game. :smiley:

Substitute with 'hunch'...'sneaking suspicion'...'gut feeling'. Hope I'm wrong but they were awful on Monday... :expressionless:

Well, the Cats lost, but maybe that means the Eskimos will win. Time for the main act! Better go grab a beer. :smiley:

The schmoes look to have more emotion at this point, must the uni's, cause Calgary's suck, Eskie's look good.

C'mon Stamps pull up your Jersey, you look like a fem.

That was a terrible run by Whitlock. He looked like he didn't know where he was going... At least Prefontaine FINALLY got off a nice boot.

Oh ya this is gonna be a great game for Frank

A little nerve racking there, but I do like the aggressiveness. Will we see a little more of this with Kevin Strasser calling the offence?

Thats a good call either way that far down.

Well that was fast :smiley:

I'm still seeing two glaring problems on defence. 1) #27 needs to be cut. Seriously... I can't count how many times he's screwed up. 2) We're still not getting any pressure on the QB. If we can't get to the QB, then we pretty much let him do whatever the hell he likes. This D-Line needs to be shaken up big time. I mean, Jesus, how many weeks have we been stuck at 13 sacks? Let's go, Hall. Make the changes.

A good drive gone to waste. Whitlock was picking up some good yardage. I know I said I liked the aggressiveness, but I thought that throw was careless. It was unnecessary. They should've handed the ball to Whitlock to see if he could've gotten the first down, or Ray should've rushed it himself. There's a time to be aggressive, and that wasn't it. More wreckless. Oh well.

Isn't it just about time for Whitlock to cough one up :smiley: