Stamps @ Eskies

Ok boys lets kick some Eskimo-A$$ :smiley:

Boy sure hope they don't black this one out, I won't hold my breath though.

They don't block you for misguided allegience.

Since I cheer for both teams but lean slightly to the north, I hope it's a great game and both teams leave injury free.

What a great match up to get the weekend's festivities off to a start. Hope they kick the crap out of each other, jj.

...these guys play each other three out of the next four games...this one sets the tone...

...I"m thinking by the time the labour day rematch comes 'round players are going to be smugglin shivs out onto the field...

Back in the glory days of the Esks, it was known as the Labour day mismatch.

thank GOD those glory days are long gone!

:lol: :lol: Nice, red.

These two teams always play a great game. I can't wait. I hope the Eskimos rebound, and then next week they can hand Hamilton their first two-game losing streak (since they'll lose to the Riders this week).

Yay! A 2-and-out.

... I get the feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of drinking during this game. :?

Thats ok, I started before the game just to gain a buffer in case Frank shows up!

:lol: That's hilarious. Looks like another punt for Edmonton. I guess I better play catch up! :D

...oo, I think Lysack dodged a red flag bullet there....

Nice brain cramp there Ryan :x , what drives a guy to make such a stupid diving play on low punt. Man let it bounce!, he got lucky there.

Just about time to start hearing the Eskimo fans start booing.

GO Eskies GO

....thanks for coming out Amadi, nice catch and run Stamps (the player, not the team)....

How do you leave Nik Lewis that wide open? No, seriously... how in the *%&$ do you give him a 20-yard radius like that? What were they thinking? "Oh, Nik Lewis sucks. We don't need to cover him. He's only been a top receiver for the Stamps for a few years now." :roll: This defence pisses me off... I should've bought something stronger than beer. :x

....must be cold in Edmonton, their linebackers are frozen....a-yuckyuckyuck....

Yes, instead of tackling the guy, just suplex him into the endzone. That'll work... you MORON!!!

That was a beautiful drive. Love the call to McCarty for the TD. :thup:

Wow,Calgary has a real Jekyll & Hyde defence, thats brutal. And is it just me or does Ricky Ray look like he's throwing in slow motion. Can't anybody get to this guy!