Stamps/Eskies...Game Thread

Why is Brock Ralph still on this team?

Better yet why did Macciocia trade for him !

ConcuDave is in!

Ratio issues most likely, but surely we could get another Canadian reciever.

I hope they leave DD in for at least a 1/4, quicker release then Burris, and what is with lead foot Ray out running our D line

So THAT'S what giving your QB time looks like, holy cow, the dynamics of the game are changed

Gold pants are retro ones which they used to play with in the 60's, I personally think they look great and the green eskies helmet is a new touch that I don't mind either.

Some strange playcalling there... unimaginative running play on 1st and throwing into double coverage on 2nd. At least we get 3 and the lead back.

I Saw a pass rush in there too.

Shut up!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :|

The Stamps don't have a pass rush. Ray has all the live long day back there. We need DD to respond and pick the secondary apart.

Burris is brain dead half the time.

Wow both QB's already have more passing yards at the half than Bishop had all game in his Rider

Bish the saviour

Huge run by Reynolds

With Dickenson in for Calgary, i enjoy watching their offence alot more. I'd like to see what may become of this. - thoughts?

by the way i hope ya'll have a good fightin game. its been decent thus far :slight_smile:

Credit that TD to Onatolu

impressive drive by the Stamps... good halftime adjustments

Well, if the Stamps are going to take control, they'd better at least beat the spread so my ticket goes on to this evening

Touchdown! Thats the way to not lose control of the game

Wow that didn't take long Edm goes back in front

Kamau Peterson is having a great season.