Stamps/Eskies...Game Thread

Here we go!!

Should be a good game

It's a subtle change but Edmonton looks like a completely different team with those green helmets.

those gold pants look horrible, i am not liking those helmets the eskies have either

but yea it should be a fantastic game

And Calgary ius going for the SF 49'ers look

Those helmets are just…wrong!

Opening drives by the Smoes, looks good so far, of course aided by the penalty

Nie draw play, Harris in for the major

Typical Stamps “d” C’mon Stamps wake up.

This soft coverage stuff is gonna lose Edmonton the game in a hurry.

Calgary's O looks to be answering the Edm drive

Finally some pressure on 2nd down, we hold them to 3

Calgary better get some pressure on Ray or this is going to get ugly fast

Gotta get reynolds involved in this game. Why not some screen plays to him.

WTF kinda play calling is going on here? nothing wrong with getting 10 yards Huff!!

And Burris should try and get some emotion going instead of acting like mother Teresa and helping every Eskimo who hits him up off the ground adding kind words of encouragement.

Save the sportsman ship for when you have a lead.

Man thats a hideous looking Calgary offensive line.

Uh oh. bad news for Calgary

I didn't think we'd win that challenge