Stamps, Elks Injury Reports: Lawler sits out Thurs.

TORONTO — The Calgary Stampeders and Edmonton Elks have shared their first injury reports ahead of their meeting to wrap up OK Tire Labour Day Weekend at McMahon Stadium.

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Lawler has been the ONLY positive for Edmonton all year.
Now he's out.
The 1,000+ days without a home victory, last place finishes and embarrassing crowds of under 15,000, for a team that averaged over 30,000 a short time ago, are simply karma.
This is the end result when you trash your historic brand and replace "Eskimos" with "Elks".
This is what happens when you banish fans and employees for not taking gene therapy.
This is what happens when you push LGBTQ policies on football fans.
This is what hapoens when you have no loyalty and dismiss longtime good employees like Dwayne Mandtusiak, Bryan Hall, the late Joey Moss and Jacob Ruby.
Go woke, go broke!

You forgot to mention the most obvious reason the ELKs are last in the league
This is what happens when you put the loser CHRIS JONES in as GM/HC/DC.
Not only are they unable to put points on the score board but the defense can't stop a high School team from doing so.
Jones may have been successful under way more talented GMs and HCs as a DC so that is where he should have remained.
He didn't dig the Riders out as VP/GM/HC/DC ! They made slight improvements in the standings but never made it to the big game. And he had all the power of that Organization to get everything he needed. What makes anyone think he can do anything as GM/HC/DC?

i am a stamps fan too. but ya gotta give CJ his due. he wins wherever he goes. the last time he did in EDM and SSK before going to build the KC defense. but he does cheat. fined everywhere for tampering. but the bigger story about attendance in alberta, not just edmonton is how much money is the NHL taking from here. just the lottery alone, if it averages 80M per year, then thats more than the elks, stamps and almost riders bring in in attendance if they all had 30k per game at $100 average. that would be 30M per team and that includes exhibition. that oilers lottery where they get to keep some of the money takes a lot of uneccesary money out of the pockets of the working man. plus the ticket taxes, 9% in Edm and 2% in Calgary. The COC was sched to make 125M over the cycle with a 2% ticket tax. 400 back on 275 invested. so what are the oilers making if for every 100M the flames fans pay in taxes, the oiler fan pays 450M? The NHL, and you cant just say EDM, wants as much money as possible from every market. and that affects everything else. plus 10 or 15 bux per beer etc, etc. i listen to both cal and edm radio online and in EDM they talk about how it costs a family of 4, $800-$1200 to go to a non-premium game. Like ARZ would be non-premium. you can get Elks season tix for that.

It really doesn't matter who plays for the Stamps, they could send their wives and girlfriends out there and still win by 20.

Whatever......when I'm own and need a laugh I watch the last 10 minutes of the 2016 and the 2017 Grey Cup....funniest stuff I ever saw an first time I cried laughing at a football game. Not ONE but TWO EPIC collapses when they has the game won.......

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REALLY??? So glad those games got you to laugh!

Those tears you mentioned are you sure it wasn’t because your Edmonton Team didn’t qualify to play those Grey Cup games?

Did you also laugh in 2016 & 2019 when Edmonton tried the cross over but were soundly defeated by the weaker Eastern teams

Or how about in 2018 & 2021 when Edmonton was last in the Standings

Are you still laughing with this year’s performance as they have registered 3 wins out of 12 games heading for their recorded win record from last year?

Just wondering because I sure am! Just laughing every Edmonton game this year and last

And today I witnessed the Stamps slaughter some Elks at McMahon Stadium

Was a great day for me! Lots of fun and humor!

Let me know when Calgary gets to 4 straight......