Stamps 'diss' the City of Hamilton

From this artcle from Calgary

[i]"You try not to think about being in Hamilton or Regina," said veteran guard Jay McNeil. "We have so much work to do and not much time to prepare, so that's what we've been doing most of the time."

The Stamps arrived in Hamilton at 5 a.m. Monday and will stay here until Thursday morning, at which time they'll head to Toronto for a 7 p.m. game against the Argonauts.

As a reprieve from the throat-clogging, eye-watering air of Hamilton, head coach Higgins loaded his team on a bus Tuesday night and led them to Niagara Falls for dinner and a fresh batch of scenery.

The hope on the bus is that this unappealing road swing will provide an opportunity for valuable team building.[/i]


(I hope everyone circles Sept. 21 on their calendar when they come to visit the "Hammer") :twisted:

So what! get over it. We read this all the time from visiting sports writers.
You don't like honesty?? Yea there are some nice parts of Hamilton but for the most part it's industrial, not pretty with lousy air.

Let's not make out that Hamilton is something its not, accept that its an industrial city and will never be a city that's going to attract tourists.

I strongly disagree.....I think Hamilton is a beautiful city. A friend of mine came from P.E.I a few years back and stayed with me for a week while she was on a course at McMaster. She had heard all sorts of terrible things about Hamilton but by the time the week was up and after driving her around to see the whole city, she was actually calling Hamilton one of the best cities she's ever seen. She especially marvelled at the spectacular view from the mountain brow and the fact we have about 15-20 waterfalls within the city limits (we hiked to a few of the best ones)

She loved the area around the York Street bridge, Cootes Paradise etc. and called the view coming down Clappison as awesome.

Bayfront Park was also very impressive to her.

So there!


You know what, it's the friggin year 2007 and we have more information at our fingertips with the web this, the internet that, gadget this, gadget that... high def TV's, surround sound, DVD recorders, etc...

And with all this people still don't know that Hamilton is a gorgeous city, I walk to work this morning from the east mountain, along the brow, beautiful walk. In the evenings over to Kings Forest, a park in the city, I think I'm up north. Walk along the bayfront, Lake Ontario, escarpment, Botanical Gardens, Gage Park etc. I never once get the feeling that I'm breathing in air any worse than anywhere else I've been in southern Ontario. And I don't walk around the friggin steel factories, I barely notice they are there. And I used to run 3 km's every day in this city and never, ever a problem.

Hamilton is a treat, been to Calgary, boring city compared with Hamilton's diversified scenery, little water except some river called the Bow, land locked, boring.

Oh man, ignorance, ignorance everywhere about Hamilton. Completely agree Mikey!!!!!!!!!! :thup:

I've been through Calgary once (admittedly briefly, just a lunch stop on the way from Edmonton to Banff) and the view from the highway is nothing but cookie-cutter houses and sprawl. Boring is right. At least boring to look at.

Seriously. I couldn't believe how many identical houses there were.

It's the same old story... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you visit a new area, having been preconditioned by somebody else's notion of what to expect, you will see what you have come to expect.
It's not easy to have absolutely NO idea of what you'll see. People being what they are, and given Hamilton's reputation as a city plagued with industrial smoke, don't be surprised, or hope that things will change.

Console yourself with the thought that you can enjoy something that the others are missing. Their loss!

Hamilton is not a nice city....Spend a day downtown.

I think we have a beautiful city with great people...but couldn't agree more about the air quality.

The air we're forced to breathe is absolutely criminal. Glad to hear visitors to this city speak up about it.

Tommy, Hamilton’s downtown is as nice as most cities in Canada about this size from what I can tell. And many cities you can’t take a 20-30 walk from the downtown and be on the waterfront like ours which is beautiful.

I live right downtown and completely disagree.

However, I still love stuff like this....

From yesterday's Police Blotter in the Spec:

19. Barton and Elgin

Monday, July 9, 7 p.m.

A woman and man fight in a Beer Store parking lot over who gets to chug their last bottle of beer. Both grab it. She wins the battle, but loses the war when she pulls the bottle from him so hard, she bonks herself in the face, smashes the bottle and ends up wearing the beer.

It's hard to "diss" our own town but I'm afraid it's just not a nice city. The suburbs and surrounding area are nice but a city shouldn't be defined by those things which are outside of it!
Which cities are you talking about....not...Ottawa, Quebec, Halifax, Victoria....our downtown is like our offense--an embarrassment. I wish I were wrong about both.

First off, what are we doing spending time jumping on any city in the CFL? Secondly crying about having to be downtown in the steel city just can't be coming from a fan whose been shot at in the cool night breeze of Toronto?? There's no value to the article other than to rile up the 'Cats and their fans.

This is the picture of Hamilton that accompanied the article.

It is kind of a one-sided view of the city, but, then again, that's an area not far from IWS.

This begs the question: why are they spending 3 nights in Hamilton if their opponent is Toronto?

Also, wouldn't it be nice if we knew where they stayed so we could... um, make them all feel at home...

I hope the Boatmen beat their a$$ and they will like it even less. Ill be pulling for the blue team tonite and anybody that beats the Stamps this year. That Pinball is just to classy. I Just want to tweeeeeak his little cheak. :lol:

This is awesome!!! Hilarious.
I used to live right downtown and miss the character of it. It would be nice to see it rejuvenated, but I do enjoy the honest people you find down there.

No doubt there's much room for improvement...but I'm encouraged.

I also like how we have a pretty wooded landscape, even for a very dense urban area. If we can keep from having those trees hacked down--avoiding an Oakville-style blight-- we'll all be the better for it.

My boyfriend is originally from Edmonton and he's been living in Toronto for the past 5 years. He loves Hamilton, he would much rather spend time in Hamilton than in Toronto. Ask him what he thinks of the air and smell in Toronto :wink:

As for "taking a walk downtown", I live downtown and walk to work every day and I have no problem with it. I have never been to Calgary, but I know some people who live there and they've told me that the downtown area is really bad there. They have a serious homeless problem and taking public transportation isn't even safe. I guess bad things can be said for any city.

I love Hamilton and I don't care who doesn't like it.

You know what
Hamilton has Great People and bad People.
Just like every other Major City in Canada.
BG: I think The Reason your Boyfriend loves Hamilton is cause you do.

Personaly I Rather Say in my Home town of Burlington
Cleaner less Crime Quite.
I do have Friends and Family who live in the City
They have Choise to live in The Hammer
I am fine with that it a Personal Choise.
For me it is a great play to visit but no thanks to living there.

Will maybe near mac or Dundas is okay

I heard a story, (not verified) that the air quality in Burlington is worse than Hamilton, because the flow of air from the mills mostly goes across the lake.

There is nothing wrong with civic pride, but, talk to people who don’t live here but have visited and ask them to compare to other cities they have visited :.
We will not get a favourable review. :thdn:

There is a reason why we lack hotels…