Stamps did NOT want to play Riders in Playoffs!

Word on the street in Calgary is Stamps wanted to play anyone but Saskatchewan in the semis. Several players said they would prefer to play B.C. over the Riders because of their explosiveness and in particular their fans who neutralize if not take over road stadiums.
HOw sad it will be for the Riders to again come in and steal away a berth in the Western Final!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :smiley:

And, the Lions are worrying already about playing the Riders who rested all of their starters against them in the season ending game at BC place where 3rd string quarterbacks were the highlight of the snoozefest.

On with Riders, On with Riders, Riders on and on…

Rider PRide Nation Wide
Riders Rule :rockin: 8)

Word on the street is that the Riders are green with envy of the Stamps taking the West and meeting the Eskimos in the Grey Cup.

There isn't alot of choice. Edmonton might be the most desirable opponent because of worst form (2-7) in second half of season. Any team probably prefer a bye week instead of facing a stressful elimination game in semi-finals. Still, Calgary should have less to fear than Saskatchewan a bad road team in a slump.

I'm still surprised they went with Tate instead of Glenn. Glenn got em there. Kind of reminds me of the 2004 Grey Cup debacle where they started Dickenson even though Casey Printers got them to the Grey Cup. We all know what happened there. But this scenario is different in the fact that in 2004, Buono decided to go with experience rather than youth. Here, Huffer is going with youth over experience. Interesting....

Don’t have to go that far back. Just rewind to a year ago.

No Birdman69, we don’t all know what happened there. Your post tacitly assumes that a Lions' win in the ’04 Grey Cup was a foregone conclusion had Casey Printers started at QB. And you know this for sure, how?
Printers came in as an unknown commodity when Dickenson was injured and there is no denying his initial success. It didn’t take opposing teams long to learn that if you contained Printers in the pocket, he had a lot of trouble reading defenses - particularly zone. He was ineffective down the stretch that year and was pulled late in games the Lions were losing to contending teams (Montreal in Montreal was one of those teams as I recall), but which were eventually won by inserting Dickenson and on one occasion, even Spurgeon Wynne of all people. In subsequent years with Hamilton and again with BC, he never once performed at the level that he did in his first handful of games in ‘04.
If you want to mount an argument for starting Glenn over Tate, using the ’04 Printers/Dickenson scenario is not a good place to start.

Yipes, tough crowd.

He threw for over 5000 yards, 35 passing touchdowns, and ran for 9 more. Obviously there's no way for sure to know what may have happened, but there's a good chance BC wins that game if he starts.

Word is on the Street that the Esks fans are full of themselves if they actually believe they'll get to the Grey Cup...

Well Riders fans are the true experts on being full of themselves.

Now now boys no need to argue, as a Stampeder fan I can attest to the fact that both Rider fans and Eskimo fans are indeed full of themselves :smiley:

Good one, and here I thought I was on your side.

...given that we all reach the extent's of our individual bodily masses aren't we ALL in fact full of ourselves?

Well with being an Eskimo fan it is our right to be in the 100th Grey Cup game we are the Flagship team of the CFL. Once we make it to the final it won't matter who we play. :wink:

So Oilerrocker...... what you are saying is that a loss will be a certainty. Very profound. I'm impressed. :thup:

Dust, did you miss the part about initial success dropping off dramatically in the last few games of the ’04 season never to be seen again?
You said, “Obviously there is no way for sure to know what may have happened…..? That would have been a very good place to end the sentence, don’t you think? If the first part of what you said is true, then how do you know that the Lions had a good chance to win with Printers?

Glenn really had nothing but an average season at QB. To say that Glenn got them there just because he is the QB is a bit of an overstatement that many are are using. In fact it could be said that it is really Jon Cornish who got them there by leading the CFL in rushing and having a record breaking season for a Canadian RB among being among the top players in the CFL for yards from scrimmage. The O Line coach and the O line man did a fantastic job in overcoming injuries to stay a solid Unit may be who led them to where they are. The return game of Larry Taylor in the first half of the season could also be said to have got them there or even Charleston Hughes and the defense also getting them there. Glenn indeed had a good season in Managing the offense but he by far did not have a great year throwing 25 TDs to 16 ints. Glenn did enough to put them in a position to be in the playoffs but to get over the top to the Grey Cup is somehing then Glenn as the starting QB will most likely get them to the main prize the Grey Cup. Tate may not get them there but Calgary has a much better chance with Tate at QB to get to the prize than Glenn. That most likley is what weighed into Hufs decision. sure Glenn was able to manage the game but Tate gives them the best chance at getting to the Grey cup.
Huf is also smart enough to know that the Riders have the formula to beat a Calgary team with Keving Glenn at QB but they may or may not have that same formula fore Drew Tate.

Word on the street in Calgary is Stamps wanted to play Saskatchewan in the semis. Several players said they would prefer to play the Riders over B.C. because they took 2 of 3 from the Riders, their lousy road record, record within the division and their 4 game losing streak.
HOw sad it will be for the Riders to come in and see Calgary end the playoff winning streak on their way to a berth in the Western Final!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :smiley:

And, the Lions are worrying already about playing the Stamps who pounded them 2 weeks ago and are the hottest team in the league down the stretch (8-1) while BC will not have played a meaningful game in 4 weeks by the time of the west final.

On with the Stamps, On with the Stamps, Stamps on and on...

Rider PRide time to swallow some of that pride and chow down on some humble pie :rockin: 8)

Hmmm… you made the claim that the Riders are 2nd favourite team in the CFL… funny way of showing it… :thdn:

Hmmm... you made the claim that the Riders are 2nd favourite team in the CFL... funny way of showing it... :thdn:
The Riders are still many peoples second favourite team (not mine, never were) but the Riders fans who a few years ago were almost everybodies favourite other than their own teams (me included) have over a few short years become almost everybodies most disliked fans.