Stamps defensive efforts lead to win in BC

VANCOUVER — The Calgary Stampeders clinched their spot in the playoffs as they earned a 25-11 win over the division rival BC Lions on Saturday.

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Look very forward to next weeks matchup with the Stamps hosting my hometown Argos. :star_struck: May the best team win. :exclamation: I'm taking the Stamps at home :thinking:, perhaps these same two teams may meet in this years Grey Cup game. :interrobang: :football: :canada:

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You can have a great team but if there is no one driving the bus you are lost. BC QBs cannot progress beyond the 1st read before they panic, leading to hesitation, happy feet and sacks or interceptions. Interior O Line also being exposed in pass protection. Calgary played well and protected their QB. BC misses Rourke, his type of injury usually spells the end of a season. (He is just one of the several QBs injured playing Sask defence)

Stamps we’re prepared, especially on defence, and they used their superior run game. full deserved win. Lions need consistency at QB.

Non of this would have happened if BLM was the QB. I am delighted that Maier has the confidence of his teammates. There is a very big difference in team chemistry with maier at the helm.

I am interested to know the future of BLM. He will be given the choice of retirement or to be traded. He should be worth a first pick in the CFL but somehow I think he will retire. What do others think about this?

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There is a thread titled Should Bo go? There are 49 posts and various opinions on your question if you are interested.

Jon...can you send a link to the specific discussion on BLM please?

I don’t know how to do that so I’ll just bump the thread for you. Look for it near the top.

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i sent him the link for good measure

Maybe you could tell me how to do that if you don’t mind. I thought I saw it on my computer but I use my iPhone almost exclusively and I don’t see any option to link.

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done :slightly_smiling_face:

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He will definitely retire in my opinion. :exclamation: BLM has established roots in Calgary, Alberta and can pick and choose what's best for him and his growing family :bangbang:

i doubt it

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turns out, Dennis has a cracked fibula, not a broken ankle. looked brutal either way :dizzy_face: