Stamps' defence quietly goes about business again

EDMONTON — The highlights and the headlines may focus heavily on the Calgary Stampeders’ quarterbacks and the rest of their offence, but their defence played a hefty role in their eighth win of the season.

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Jake Maier and Tommy Stevens make a formidable duo. Jorden is hurt but also was taking stupid penalties and struggling to catch a ball. BLM --- it is time to retire. Just be a team player for the rest of the season.

Well, I can't agree. 28 points against is the most points scored by the Elks against ANY western opponent this year.......without Manny, without Lawler, without starting linemen Washington and Rector.......


You're right Squishy. Cornelius didn't have many targets to work with and still put up some good numbers behind a compromised O-line. Anyway... don't worry about the wins. Your Elks are a work in progress, but once completely healthy they'll ambush some unsuspecting team this year.

Defence isn't all about how many points you give up. Four sacks, four forced turnovers and two pass knock downs, not to mention a pick six is a pretty good night for any defence IMO.


and half as many as calgary had ..mathematically speaking

I find it funny you mention the fact the elks have injuries you do realize most of the DB's for Calgary are not first stringers But ya you keep fantazy of grandeur happening. Yes the stamps gave up 28 points and then doubling the score board due to many defensive efforts in getting turn overs. Not to mention that Calgarys offense had a big turnover basically giving the Elks a touchdown so ya you keep fantazing.

The above reply is for squishy

Oh... well then I WON'T reply with a scathing comment involving your ancestry and possible brain damage.

That was a close one.

You must be squishiies dad!

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