Stamps' defence leads the way in bounce-back win

OTTAWA — The Calgary Stampeders got back on track in Week 9 with a road win over the Ottawa REDBLACKS, as their defence scored a touchdown and surrendered just three points.

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The Calgary Stampeders entire Defense gets my game ball with their 17-3 victory in the nation's capitol, in Week 9 action. :100: :hash: :one: :football: :canada:

Kamar “oops I dropped the ball on the 1 yard line in the grey cup and lost it to Toronto they won we lost” Jorden 1 for 7. Again. BLM barely over 100 yards receiving. Pathetic. BLM zero closes in the red zone. Again. Embarrassed his receivers with yelling amd arms flailing. Again. After player of the week Henry had what 2 targets? 2 targets? This team is so talented. John Huffnagel has to step in identify and address what is causing the offence flatness. The OC play calls, and/or BLM and/or the reliance on and failures of KJ have got to be addressed. We’re way too good to have the throw game be this embarrassing. Against Ottawa? After back to back losses to Winnipeg? I know consistency and loyalty is clutch. Something is clearly wrong on . Just my opinion.

Ottawa's offence sucked so bad they made Calgary's offence that also sucked look just a bit better on the suck meter. Calgary was ripe for the picking last night but alas, here in the nations capital we just suck.....

I'm being nitpicky but I keep seeing, in numerous articles, the misuse of the word shined. The past tense of shine is shone except when you are talking about shining something. For example you would say "I shined the silverware", not that I would ever shine silverware.

Have you ever seen the Kubrick classic
The Shoning?


I suspect Boverrrated will be retiring at end of this season ....

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Beating a terrible football team that can't get out of it's own way hardly qualifies as a "bounce-back".

I suspect Boverrrated will be retiring at end of this season ....

[/quote] Look up overrated in the dictionary, there's a picture of Jehrimiah Masoli next to it.
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What word would Fajardo’s picture be next too??

The Calgary Stampeders need to open up the playbook, especially the deep ball plus 30 yard plays :thinking:. In my humble opinion they possess the elite receivers to get the job done, but they are dropping too many accurate throws. :interrobang: The Lions have the number one receiving group :gem: followed by the Stamps and Bombers-pick your poison. :rofl:
Begelton_Reggie-Week 8 2022

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