Stamps Defence Bullied By The Esks

Not only did Duke Williams put up 172 yards and a TD, he and Vidal Hazelton also physically beat up on the Stamps secondary. That is Ciante Evans and Brandon Smith both taken out by the bigger Eskimos receivers.

Now most teams will be very physical on the Stamps secondary in an attempt to bully them just like the Eskimos just did over two games. What do the Stamps have to do to respond to being?

…are you saying the EE receivers intentionally injured the Calgary players? Do you condone this? Tough to understand the written word but I could swear you’re almost celebrating these events. I wouldn’t condone this, terrible, hopefully I’m misunderstanding here…

…although there were incidents of deliberate head targeting by the EE DBs so probably it’s a team mentality thing taught by high-blood pressure temper-man Maas…

Just like the spear that injured Derel Walker in the previous game? Watch the video, he led with his helmet. At least coach Maas isn’t a whiner like Dickenson.

…Maas is a mental case…regardless, do either of you understand the safe haven rule of the forum? Apparently not, you should go read it…(it’ll explain a lot about my response to the OP and the one here)…

What are you talking about and why are you putting words in my mouth? How truly asinine for one to make an incorrect statement and then condemn someone for it.

What I am saying is what I have said nothing more and no interpretation needed. Physically bullying another player is NOT intentionally injuring another player. To make that leap is truly bizarre.

From Merriam-Webster … Bullying: abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful, etc.

Do you get it yet? Duke Williams physically abuse and mistreatment the Calgary DB’s because he is stronger, bigger and more powerful. This is GOOD HARD NOSED FOOTBALL!

Now stop whining about something I didn’t say.

Do the rules say anything about making libellous statements, getting bent out of shape over ones own misperceptions and being condescending towards others?

…the rules (of which you obviously haven’t read any, even after being advised to do so) say that you are this close: () to being banned for launching a provoking thread towards fans of another team within their safe haven forum…of course my reply to you was over the top, because your original post is NOT ALLOWED HERE! How obtuse are you? Please, no answer required because I’m sure any you can offer will simply land you riding the pine for some period of time…

A good question nonetheless that you RedandWhite should answer.


…go fly a kite…an old box kite…with a long tail

and a wooden leg named smith