Stamps Defeat Underachieving Lions in Western Final

Well I think it's fair to say none of us really saw that coming. But truth be told the Lions haven't really played their best for four or five weeks. You got the sense early that this might not be our day. The keys to BC winning were getting off to a good start and owning the time of possession, neither of which the Lions were able to accomplish. Getting shredded on the second play from scrimmage was inexcusable. Suddenly defensive guru Rich Stubler's schemes seemed relatively easy to defeat by a hot team.

Kudos to the Stamps, who've had at least two QBs toss TD passes two weeks in a row. They seem supremely confident right now and managed to prevent Glenn from getting sacked all day. A bad read by Muamba, a poor decision by Marsh and Parker getting lit up gave the Stamps a lead we couldn't recover from, although the home team had a stronger fourth quarter and got it within a touchdown with a chance to get the ball back in the last minute. I was surprised how poorly we matched up against Cornish, and how efficiently Kevin Glenn played, with over 300 yards passing and about 75%.

When BC's offence got into scoring position they didn't execute and had to settle for field goals for three quarters. The D line couldn't get sustained pressure and the BC secondary couldn't stop the big play. We were too predictable on defence, blitzing on nearly every play, after watching Montreal lose trying to do the same thing. I prefer changing it up all the time, 3 man front on one second down play, bring the house the next time, 4-3 up front on first down, lots of different looks, so the offensive line has a more difficult time getting into a rhythm. Maybe this experience will convince Benevides to be less attacking up front with his defence and just send one or two guys off the edge on second down.

So all we have left is to get em next year. But it was a hell of a year, 13 wins, and there's a lot of reason to be optimistic for the 2013 season. There will be a few Lions not on next year's roster, and the speculating will begin pretty soon. Is Muamba good enough to keep his job? Will Angus Reed call it a career, or try to get another campaign out of that thirty-something body. Will the Lions trade Hameister Reis and/or Valli,who struggled to remaining healthy and were the weakest links on this year's offensive line? What will Matt Norman's future be? Will BC start the process of getting younger personnel in the secondary, to replace Banks, Phillips, Marsh or Parker, who are all on the wrong side of thirty? Will Jovan Olafioye jump to the NFL? Same question for Ben Archibald?

And will Jacques Chapedelaine finally be jettisoned in favor of a less conservative offensive coordinator/play caller, who can get the rock to his best back often enough to dominate the line of scrimmage? :thdn:

Best wishes to all the other regular contributors to this forum, and everybody have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Great post Dooger. The Lions made mistakes but you know what? They were outplayed in all facets of the game. That missed assignment in the second play of the game was a bad one for sure but the D made up for it with the TD interception so that effectively cancelled out the faux pas. The Lions were only down a single point going into the half.

There was one play that was very painful to watch but full marks to the Stamps for executing it. The Stamps are up by 8 points late in the 3rd quarter and are on about the Lions 43. It's 3rd and one. They decided to go for it but instead of bringing in the big guys for the old QB sneak or variation, Glenn passes. No dump pass to make a couple of yards. He goes for the whole enchilada and gets the ball down to the one yard line. Who calls a play like that when you're up by 8 and it's only the 3rd quarter? Unbelievable! So many things could have gone wrong with that. Holding, interception, incomplete, QB sack, fumble after the catch. But what happens? A 3rd and 1 is converted into a 42 yard gain. My word. Talk about horseshoes!

I didn't think Lulay was himself. He was off on his passing and in the past when he was forced to scramble he would often convert nothing into a 1st down. I don't recall him doing that at all. Also not once was Glenn ever sacked. Penalties played a role as well. How many penalties did the Stamps get? They played a very disciplined game.

The Cornish/Harris showdown played a huge role. Cornish rushed for 112 to Harris's 33. That spoke volumes about not being able to contain Cornish. I was afraid that might happen. It was great to see Bruce back in the line-up and playing like he always does.

There is always next year and always something positive that can be taken from the game but as Dante Marsh put it, he doesn't come to play for the consolation prize. He always plays for the win.

Every team is hoping to make it to the playoffs and get to the Grey Cup. Some realistically won't. Getting eliminated is a tough pill to swallow. Getting eliminated when you're at the top of the league, have some of the best receivers in the league and the very best Defence in the league is even harder to take. But it can happen when a team doesn't bring it's A game to the stadium. I don't believe the Lions handed the game to the Stamps but I do believe the Lions are a much better team than the one that showed up Sunday afternoon. The Stamps simply took it to the Lions and said, "Back off, even a little and we'll run all over you." And they did!

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Here's an article on the above questions by dooger....

Beag, I think it was Bo Levi Mitchell who threw that ball on third down. That young man is really going places, in my opinion. All he needs is a chance.

Don't know Dickenson's contract status, but if/when he's available I think the Lions aught to jettison Jacques, doesn't use his running backs enough Chapedelaine and his oh so predictable offence and make Dave a very strong offer. Another guy the Lions should move mountains to get in next year's draft is Laval's punter/place kicker, Boris Bede, who is from France and would therefore would play as an import. I just saw him boot a kickoff almost eighty yards in the third quarter of the Vanier Cup...indoors, just what BC needs! Talk about your Thunderfoot. And for cryin' out loud Wally, get a safety who can play well. We haven't had one since Barron Miles retired. I think the best option would be trade for Kyries Hebert, perhaps straight up for Elimimian. Or find an import who can play safety and go with a Canadian elsewhere.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

"Beag, I think it was Bo Levi Mitchell who threw that ball on third down." dooger

Absolutely correct dooger! :thup: That made it even more painful. He's their 3rd stringer.