Stamps DE Hughes receives threats for injury to Ray

[b][u]Calgary Stampeders' Charleston Hughes receives e-mail threats[/u]

Calgary Sun
No one on the football field had a problem with the hit that sidelined Ricky Ray.

But off the field, apparently, some did.

Calgary Stampeders defensive end Charleston Hughes took to Twitter on Sunday to voice his displeasure with threatening e-mails he received through his website.

The e-mails were in regards to the hit Hughes delivered at 8:51 of the first quarter Friday night in The Big Smoke that sent the Toronto Argonauts quarterback to the locker-room with a shoulder injury.

[url=] ... il-threats[/url][/b]

Before anyone decides to blame both Toronto fans for this, any moron who would do such a thing is not a fan. They are simply that, a moron.

If they find the person they should toss him in the Stamps locker room and close the door for 45 seconds :lol:

they'd only need 10 seconds max. :smiley:

Just curious as to the nature of the threats.. I dont see anywhere what it was.. And why is the CFL looking into it and not the police?

I would say just lock the person and Charleston Hughes in a room together for five minutes and "let them work it out"! :wink:

:thup: :lol:

What are the odds it’s an Eskimo fan or a Argo’s fan? :smiley:

Why Eskimo? :thdn:

it's jason maas. lol

Why not? Edmonton has a much larger fan base than the Argo's, and Ricky played there for a long time, I could see it. It's probably more believable than an Argo fan doing it.

let's see game was in Toronto, Calgary and Toronto played, Ray plays for Toronto, it is being investigated by Toronto Police so chances are it took place in Toronto. Yep only stands to reason that it's an Edmonton fan doing it.

I guess I fail to see the logic or for that matter the humour in a death threat.

it does not say anything about "death threats". Ive tried to find other articles about this but nothing.. anyone know any more about this? im just curious

Sorry, my bad. Should have said I see nothing humorous about email threats.

Any email threat without meeting someone in person is a wimp. People can say whatever on the 'net and look so bold. In person, usually they are wimps unable to barely hold their own body weight up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ya Earl... I'll tackle you any time any place and anywhere... LOL

I missed the part about the Toronto police investigating it, guess that tosses my weakly hobbled together theory out the window. Hopefully they catch the person who did it.


Clearly Toronto is a classy NFL quality market :roll:

Seriously though, whoever is making these threats, you should have to put some pads on and try to deliver on them on the field. I'm certain Hughes would oblidge you. Do it now, and maybe your collarbone will be healed by Christmas.

Would be hilarious if they find out its Barker or Milanovich :lol: