Stamps Connect

Has anyone out there heard anything about Stamps Connect? I saw a Twitter post about it yesterday. Here's the link.....

Seems like a social site for Calgary Stampeders fans that utilizes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr. Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Sounds more like collecting postage stamps... :lol: :lol:

Sounds more like spam..............gotta love these "posters" who join one day just to advertise some website.........

better watch osamsonite, list the website again, you will have the forum police after you. regardless of freedom of speech or expression.


…so how long until you create a new identity to come back up your statement?..

Or to "retract" it, saying it was all a misunderstanding.

Or to create a new identity and say that there are good points on both sides.................

osamsonite, thats all these guys can say, armchair bloggers, there amusing though. meanwhile its guys like us who are actually out there trying to support this league. Yay!!

Actually no, I was quoting YOUR words.

And it's "they're" not "there".

And I think that both Red and I support this league, and we do so without using these boards as free adverstising for something.