Stamps complete another comeback

CALGARY — The Stampeders seem to be making a habit of completing come from behind wins this season.

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Our team has grit a beautiful night
Go stamps go

I am scared that if continue to watch my Stampeders I will suffer a heart attack. I Sure wish they wouldn't wait so long to post the victory points. But it is sure good to see Mitchell performing more like he used to. Way to go Stamps!

If Bo stops being so inconsistent the word 'comeback' shouldn't need to be used. Seems to me the Bo of old is only turning up for the second half so far.

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Well as long as he shows up the Stamps can win. I am good with that. Everyone has to stop running Bo Levi Mitchell down when he doesn't perform perfectly every game. If everyone were to perform perfectly every day the world would be perfect. And we all know that is impossible. Sure glad Dave Dikenson is the HC because all the arm chair HCs would have the stamps always losing.

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I'm not sure who "GRIT" is, but only a decent QB will win you games!

I will be interested to see who gets the number one power ranking after Week 3 :question:
Anthony Parker