Stamps collapse!!!

Wow, so the Stamps get manhandled by the Bombers last week. This week, the Lions take care of the Bombers. Does this mean the Stamps are collapsing?! UH OH. Stamps lost a HUGELY important game to Winnipeg.

You guys seem to have a fixation with saying how the Lions are collapsing in the West. Take a look at every other team in the CFL. The Lions are the class of the league. We win when it counts, and also when it doesn't. Last night was a pride game. Stegall got NOTHING against our D. Absolutely 0. You can talk all you want about how the Lions are collapsing, but I would be more worried about your own respective teams. Bombers needed the win BADLY last night to lock up a home playoff date, and the Lions with nothing to play for come up with the W. Yes, Glenn was injured. So what? Dickenson has been injured a lot this season and the Lions still lock up first in the West.

Worry about your own team. The Lions don't worry me one bit. In no way am I guarenteeing a Grey Cup victory, but the Lions have positioned themselves perfectly to make it there once again.

If the Lions win the clutch games , why are they not the defending Grey Cup Champs??

To win a championship, teams may need multiple opportunities. Since cup win in 2000, BC now appears to have a better chance than previous seasons. With Whitecaps as soccer champions, Vancouver is looking more like the city of champions.

You can't win it every year. Impossible. Last year we choked, plain and simple. This year we seem like a completely different team, at least I hope.

This year's team reminds me of our 2004 Grey Cup finalist team, but with a much better defense. We'll see how it goes. I am very much looking forward to the West Final.

Touche. And the Canucks looking good too :wink:

Well they had a chance in 2004 as well, in the championship game and lost... so your statement above about the Lions:
The Lions are the class of the league. We win when it counts.
Excuse me for not believing is statement but until the Lions win a couple of those games will I even remotely believe that this statement is true.

Get to the Western Final and then talk to me. Until then, good luck with the Stamps.

Oh ya, another point, getting to the Grey Cup is something the Lions have done lately. Have the Riders?

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Stamps lose to Winnipeg = no big deal. Lions beat Winnipeg = we should've won by more. Look at the double standard being set here. I think I know why though. The Lions are the class of the league and held to a higher standard than any other team. We are expected to win by 40 pts each game. I guess a 10 pt meaningless win over Winnipeg and a West Final berth will do.

It's funny how you brag about the Winnipeg victory but when the Stamps ran all over BC a couple weeks ago it was no big deal.

LOL. Ran all over BC! They won by 1 touchdown in another meaningless game for BC! Gosh you guys make me laugh. What about the game before that, where the Stamps trash talked Simon? 39-6 with 2 mins left. Shut it. may be correct, our loss in Winnipeg showed flaws that may be unfixable going into the semis....the Riders don't look to be all that strong right now as well with Joseph hurting....whoever wins the western semi will undoubtably have their hands full with what appears to be a solid BC Lion squad.....

....I don't know who said our loss in Winnipeg wasn't a big deal, they should rethink that statement....

RedandWhite, my post was half facetious. I was just pointing to the fact that the Lions win by 10 and we are collapsing. We are just in a huge tailspin. The Stamps lose to Winnipeg and nobody makes much mention of it. There is a clear double standard here. The Lions are going into the playoffs with momentum, which is more that can be said of most teams in the CFL.

I wasn’t bragging at all…i was pointing out what YOU are saying. And if you watched the game, the Stamps ran all over BC and they got a few big plays in the final minutes which made it look close.

....I don't disagree with you....I can't see how the last couple of Lions games put them at any disadvantage or question their overall performance....sometimes a team plays to their competitions level, maybe that's all that any case, equating the recent Lions wins with a tailspin isn't correct logic....

....equating that falsehood with the recent Calgary loss isn't really legit either....but no biggy....I don't know if anyone actually said it wasn't a big deal or if it was just that nothing was said at all...but it was a big deal for the record, just like the Rider loss in Edmonton could have had impact as well...

Fully agree with you.

Neither the Stamps or the Lions are collapsing so don't worry what other people are saying. They are probably just trying to get you going and well it's working.

The biggest stat the Lions and Stamps should look at is 8-1 at home. Both teams will be very difficult to beat at home and for this reason my money is on the Lions to get to the cup from the west.

But if the Lions get there don't look for it to be a cake-walk against one of the eastern teams. Remember the grey cup will be played outdoors in, more than likely, frigid temperatures making it harder to get the passing game going.

Great post. Home-field advantage should help any team in the playoffs but is no guarentee. We need more posters like you in this forum.

...roughy, you are like the marriage councillor of the CFL forum, lol....RLR is right, we should be more like you, 'cept for whole cheering for the riders thing, no ones perfect right? ..... :twisted: ....

I'm starting to get excited about next week R&W. It'll be my first live play-off game (insert the usual Riders haven't done anything for ... coments here).

I'll be easy to find though since I'll be a Rider fan with a Rider flag, shouldn't be to many of us there. :wink: